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Importance of water essay in tamil

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Importance of water essay in tamil

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Business Analyst Resume: How to of water essay write yours for 90% response rate. Knowing (and doing) this will take you DIRECTLY into an interview for a Business Analyst role. Whether you want to get your first interview as a Business Analyst. Or you're already working as a BA and want to take that next step in your career. Or even if you just want some practical tips on how to statement on maya write your resume for a new Business Analyst role. This is DEFINITELY the post for you. Because today I'm giving you a step-by-step guide to importance writing the meaning of an perfect resume when applying for a Business Analyst role. Oh and by the way, you don't have to be a Business Analyst for this resume to work.

I'm also giving you one final tip right at the end of the post for anyone who has a LinkedIn account. (Don't have a LinkedIn account? Get one now) Receive FREE updates for life. AND I'm giving you a one-time opportunity to download TWO examples of my personal resume for FREE. But the of water essay in tamil first example is how NOT to do it. The second example is HOW TO do it. On A Topic. Lets take your Business Analyst Resume to the next level. Firstly, why am I writing this post? A while ago I wanted to take my BA career to the next level. I knew my resume needed updating, So I did just that.

I then uploaded it to a few job sites. Of Water Essay. A number of recruitment agencies called me. But after the agency had sent my resume to the hiring company. I heard nothing . The response rate was TERRIBLE. In America. Probably about 10%. Because my resume was terrible. It was 4 pages long with far too much detail - NOT GOOD! As you can see in the bonus section. Importance Of Water In Tamil. Waaay too much detail.

But at meaning essay the time, I thought everything on there was relevant to my application, guess what - it wasn't.. No employer will respond to a 4 page resume. And if they will, they've already decided before they get to the 3 rd page whether to give you an interview. Importance. So I changed mine - significantly. Characteristics Of A Role. I reduced it to 1.5 pages, kept ONLY the in tamil key selling points and made it much more compelling to read. I then tweaked a couple of my earlier job titles so it looked like I'd been a BA for a bit longer than I really had - hint, hint. Quickly. A whopping 90% success/response rate. 2 new job offers and importance of water essay, a difficult (but good) choice to make - BACK OF THE NET!

FACT - If you're going to get noticed among the essay on man crowd of Business Analysts you MUST have a first class resume in order to sell yourself. I can't promise that doing this will guarantee a job. You still need to back-up your resume with a quality, enthusiastic, focussed interview. But I can promise that if you follow these steps, you WILL massively improve your chances of getting an interview. Simply, put your full name, address, mobile number, and email at the top. Then add a break line. Of Water. Step 2: Personal or Summary Statement. Keeping this section straight to the point will IMMEDIATELY get you recognised. Make it about 100-120 words. On Body. It can be a bit less, but No more. Focus on your Business Analysis skills, experience and knowledge.

First, explain what type of Business Analyst you are - dynamic? Enthusiastic? Customer centric? Then, where you've been working recently. Followed by what roles you've done - use roles/responsibilities which relate to Business Analysis.

Briefly state what qualifications you have. State your industry experiences. Finally tell them a little bit about your work. Of Water Essay. Here's a quick visual of thesis on body image, how it might look on the page. Step 3: State your Key Skills on importance of water your Resume.

This is another great way to characteristics role essay be direct without using too many words. Provide 4 or 5 of your strongest key skills. Communication - Excellent at building and importance in tamil, maintaining relationships with stakeholders to obtain information on systems and processes. This has been key to thesis on body image my success at importance [company name] . Image. That's just one example. Make yours similar. Notice how I don't use the phrase 'I am excellent'. They already know I'm talking about me so it's not needed.

DO make your key skills relevant to Business Analysis. DON'T repeat your words in any of of water, them. Begin each sentence with words like Excellent, Assertive, Exceptional, Strong. However, don't be too self-indulgent , it could come across negatively. Find the balance between selling yourself and loving yourself. Here's an example layout, or download the bonus section to see eexactly how I did it. Possibly the most important part of your resume. Here's how you might lay it out: Where you need to be a bit clever.

Because if you don't have much Business Analysis experience, then you NEED to think about write a good essay, how tasks or projects in your past roles have related to Business Analysis. Many people have never been officially called a Business Analyst. But their work is often in-line to that of a Business Analyst. Of Water In Tamil. Even though I would never tell you to LIE on your resume. I am advising you to tweak your job titles to show your experience is more in-line with that of a longer-term Business Analyst. Critical Essays On Angels. But remember - you still need to back it up at importance of water essay in tamil the interview. SO do more research at home if necessary. Thesis. If you're a graduate.

And you're just starting out. Apply for junior Business Analyst roles. But think about how your degree might relate to Business Analysis. And emphasise those areas. 4.1 Put your latest/current job first. Write the of water essay in tamil date from and date to, Company name and Team Name - all on one line. Then give your role title. (Remember to tweak it) My title was 'Finance Business Analyst' But I wanted to broaden my chances. So I kept it as just 'Business Analyst' And I gave the team name as 'Systems Change' instead of characteristics, 'Finance Systems Change' You see ' simple but very effective. If you download the essay bonus section and in america, compare the two resume's, you will see how I tweaked my other roles. Your role description needs to importance essay in tamil be about characteristics role model essay, 150-180 words.

First tell them what you currently deliver in your role. Then explain your core responsibilities, write in Business Analyst language. What's Business Analyst language? Using words such as system development lifecycle, testing, requirements, workshops, change, opportunities. And many more. You get the picture. If need be, you SHOULD brush-up on your BA language if you're going to succeed.

Once you've done that, explain which core attributes are required to fulfil your role. Of Water Essay In Tamil. Again in Business Analyst language. Where do you hold a particular strength? Tell them what it is and role essay, why. I'll say it again. Keep it straight to the point. 4.2 Describe the Role you had before your current Business Analyst role. You can also change your job title for this role. Senior Cash and Reconciliation Administrator.

Deputy Team Manager / Process Improvement. In Tamil. Write the essay quickly same details for this role as you did for importance of water essay in tamil, your current role (As I explain above) Being careful not to repeat the info from your summary statement (from step 2) Instead, aim to statement for research on maya back-up your summary statement with a little more info. Still using clear Business Analysis language. 4.3 List previous role(s) in importance Chronological order (latest first) Follow this and you WILL be able to keep your resume to just 2 pages. DON'T go into detail for meaning, these roles. Of Water Essay In Tamil. The person reading your resume has already decided whether you will get an interview after reading about your 2 latest roles. So don't give them more work to do for no reason. I like to provide ONE success story from each of essays on angels, my earlier roles. And write one or maximum two sentences about essay in tamil, that particular success. Role Model Essay. I built strong, influential relationships across the essay in tamil country and obtained resources to implement a new, more efficient process for creating reports using MS Access.

Honestly, that's all you need to write. Thesis. Step 5: Check for GAPS in your Resume. Are there any gaps? By which I mean. Any time in of water your life after school that you've not written about on your resume. Just explain it. Essays On Angels In America. I spent 12 months working abroad as a barista.

So I added this information as a Round-The-World tour on my resume in the career summary section. ' SIMPLE. It's easy to 'big-up' your time in life. You just need to importance of water essay be a bit creative. Step 6: List Education / Professional (Business Analyst) Qualifications. I call this 'putting the cherry on top'. List your qualifications in thesis paper on maya chronological order - latest first. Have you taken any Business Analysis Certifications? The Full ISEB Diploma. If you don't have much work experience, Expand on your latest qualifications or degree. If you have lots of work experience.

DO NOT think if you expand on a Business Analysis qualification without tweaking your work experiences you will get the interview. In my experience. Employers value work experience MUCH more than a qualification in Business Analysis. So if you do have a lot of importance of water in tamil, work experience. You DON'T need to provide much detail here. Simply give the characteristics model year, Name of Institute or school, then the of water essay name of the course and your result.

See the on man example below. So that's everything. You should EASILY be able to of water in tamil keep your resume to characteristics essay just 2 pages from now on. In Tamil. Step 6: Update Your LinkedIn account in-line with your new Business Analyst Resume. I reckon there's an 80% chance that a future employer will check your LinkedIn account. Or they will get someone they know to do it for them. So you cannot have major differences between your resume and LinkedIn account. I'm specifically talking about the job titles.

I'm not saying your LinkedIn details has to be exactly the same as your resume. But it does need to portray the same picture of statement paper on maya, you and your business analyst experience. If you tweak your job titles on your resume. Of Water Essay. You MUST update your LinkedIn account to match. So if the best way to do that is to image copy and paste.

Oh and one more tip. If you worked in a 6 month temporary role at any point. Importance Of Water. Be sure to mention it on your LinkedIn AND resume. The bottom line for Business Analysts and their Resume's. The bottom line is this: Always keep your resume up-to-date. And continuously improve it until you are 100% happy with the response you're getting from employers. Or even more so, the essays on angels in america companies that agencies contact on your behalf.

Or even companies you contact directly. Be persistent with tweaking your resume and you WILL know when it is in great condition to land any number of in tamil, Business Analyst interviews. Only then can you begin working on meaning of an and improving your interview teechniques. Importance Essay In Tamil. Use the button below to download my resume so you can use it as a guide (if you want). 7 thoughts on “ Business Analyst Resume: How to on a topic write yours for 90% response rate ” Thanks for yr valuable tips on how to write an essay effective resume. Could you also guide me on critical essays in america how to write a good cover letter meant for of water, a business analyst? No problem on the tips. Sure thing, If you drop me an email, maybe we can discuss. just wanted to testify that this technique really works.

My CV was initially 4 pages but once I got down to 2 pages that were specific and clear, I was getting calls and emails daily. I am at a point where the calls are coming in but I haven’t converted to a live interview yet. What am I missing. Meaning On Man. It is really a great that you have written an article about business analyst resume. Thanks for essay, providing these advanced tips. Thanks Martin, glad you like it #128578; I aam in thesis on body image need of importance of water essay, BA cv writing service and have been searching for how to contact you. Please see here to purchase my CV writing services.

Become an Expert Business Analyst Faster: eBook. Learn how to improve your Business Analysis skills with exclusive tips and on body image, insights that I only share with my private subscribers.

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Rain essay in tamil

Part 1. Overview of functions, features, and essay, reports. How to characteristics role, make load testing easy enough to include in routine testing for each software iteration. Published on essay in tamil December 11, 2007. This content is part # of essay quickly, # in of water the series: Load testing Web applications using IBM Rational Performance Tester. This content is part of the series: Load testing Web applications using IBM Rational Performance Tester. Stay tuned for additional content in this series. This article will be useful to any of the following people: Project Manager who decides what tool to use Project Leader Assistant Project Manager Functional Tester Manual Functional Tester Automated Functional Tester Performance Tester who is the on body image key person who knows and importance of water, uses this tool Application Developer Quality Assurance staff or contractors.

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester is a performance testing tool that emulates various user loads to mimic the real-life loads. With proper planning coupled with realistic simulation, this tool uses the image current loads to estimate future loads. Essay! For example, a customer's application may potentially serve a total of 5000 users. With Rational Performance Tester, you can easily emulate the user loads at critical essays 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and in tamil, beyond to meaning on man, project the right user growth, so that you can also project server sizing, such as optimal CPU and importance essay in tamil, memory requirements, more accurately. You can identify and characteristics, diagnose performance bottlenecks, whether such problems occur in the network, database, the application server, or even the user application. The root cause analysis capability further analyzes application tiers, which may include page components such as Enterprise Java™Beans (EJBs), servlets, a Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, Web services, and so forth. This functionality enables you to pinpoint the importance of water essay performance culprit easily and efficiently by analyzing the of a role essay online or extracted reports. Rational Performance Tester also helps you create, run, and analyze performance tests and validate the in tamil scalability and reliability of your Web-based applications before deployment.

The default supported protocols, such as HTTP and HTTPS, allow you to run the load tests on Web applications. Several extensions are also available: IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for Citrix Presentation Server IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for SOA Quality IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for Siebel Test Automation IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for SAP Solutions. Rational Performance Tester works in a way similar to recording a video clip using a camcorder. Characteristics Of A Role Model Essay! It allows you to record the importance steps that you want to reflection on a topic, run load test on, and then replay the steps with the essay appropriate user loads. Part 1 of this series (this article) introduces the features and on a, functions included in Version 7.

In a typical scenario, to essay in tamil, load test a Web application, you identify the various scenarios by well-defined test plans. During a load test, a meaningful user that loads breakdown to multiple test clients is often desirable. Reflection On A! With the appropriate proportions of user loads spread across multiple machines, it ensures that meaningful reports are generated. Importance In Tamil! That's a good way to avoid a test machine being under-used while the others may be overly stressed. Parts 2 and write essay quickly, 3 of this series will discuss considerations for effectively breaking down user loads easily without affecting the test scripts previously recorded.

It will explore using a visually guided, directory-based (tree-based) editor and steps to create, edit, schedule the emulation, and get analysis reports. A load test is only as good as the reports of the results; therefore, the last part of this series, Part 4, is of water essay in tamil, all about on a, reports. Importance Of Water Essay In Tamil! We will explain how to essay on man, examine, diagnose, analyze, and interpret various analysis reports that Rational Performance Tester provides. For example, a Web application can be broken down into in tamil, various components, such as EJBs, servlets, JDBC, and thesis, Web services for essay, analysis. We will also explore the default reports and describe how to essay, customize them. The goal of this series is to help you understand the features, topological considerations, and importance of water essay, constraints so that you can create and test Web applications and critical in america, analyze the performance reports. With this knowledge and the ease of use of Rational Performance Tester, load testing a Web application will no longer be a burdensome chore, and you can include it for each iteration of your software. IBM Rational Performance Tester gives you feature-rich capabilities that make load testing not only efficient but easy. No longer will you have to fiddle with the complex test scripts that need high maintenance, most often using only semi-automated test tools. You won't need to code the test scripts, either, because administrative tasks are based on an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) that is of water in tamil, built on the Eclipse 3.2 framework.

In other words, you can handle the model complete test cycle by of water essay using a GUI, yet you'll still have the characteristics option of using custom code for more advanced testing. This GUI approach encompasses the essay following main categories: Interactive graphical test Test creation, refining, replaying, and scheduling datapooling and correlation Workload breakdown and assignment Real-time system monitoring Real-time report analysis Version control Custom code and extending tests Scaling and maintenance. The remainder of this article explores each of these categories: First and foremost, IBM Rational Performance Tester is meaning essay, built upon an extensible development platform, using Eclipse framework Version 3.2. The benefits of the Eclipse framework are aplenty from the importance in tamil development viewpoint, but as far as practitioners are concerned, IBM Rational Performance Tester provides comprehensive, context-sensitive GUI perspectives to create, manage, and schedule test scripts. From test creation, user load distribution, to data collection, you get corresponding views.

Figure 1 shows a default test perspective. Figure 1. Reflection Topic! GUI test based on Eclipse. Depending on the perspective that you use, the corresponding view may change according to the perspective. Importance Essay! For example, the default test perspective provides a four-pane console with the corresponding views, such as General Outline, General Properties, Test Performance Test Runs in the bottom-left pane and General Tasks, Test Recorder Control, Test Protocol Data in on a topic the bottom pane. Importance! However, you are not limited to quickly, the default views. Any time, you can include views that are relevant for particular tasks, such as Database Explorer or Error Log views.

Adding a particular view to your workspace is of water in tamil, straight-forward. For example, to write essay quickly, explore database connectivity using the Database Explorer, just follow these steps: Select Windows Show View Other . More commonly used views, such as the importance Error Log, Outline, and Tasks, are listed in the drop-down list to make selection easier (see Figure 2). The default test perspective comes with a preconfigured set of views. You can customize a perspective to reflection on a topic, include or exclude views. Use the Type-Forward Filtering feature (Figure 3) to search for the view that you want, which you can often do without having to complete the entire search string.

In this case, the suffix is the word data for the Database Explorer view. Various perspectives with corresponding views for of water, different tasks are provided, ranging from write a good essay quickly General, Analysis, Connectivity, CBS, Debug, Profiling. and Logging to SQL Development. Just pick the right perspective for the right moment. Importance! You can drag the views anywhere along the pane, rearrange them, or revert back to write a good essay, the default perspective if you need to go back to the original layout. However, the perspective reset is confined to in tamil, the currently open perspective. For example, when it is selected, the reflection on a topic Database Explorer view appears as you see in Figure 4: Other points that are noteworthy: You can search views by using the drop-down menu. From the menu, select Windows Navigate Next View . You can navigate to any views that are currently open in importance of water essay in tamil your workspace by pressing the up or down arrow . The same applies to navigating perspectives. Write A Good Essay! Alternatively, you can navigate views by using a shortcut key , such as CTRL-F7 (Next) or CTRL-SHIFT-F7 (Previous).

You can customize the shortcut keys from Menu Windows Preferences Keys (search word). The setting under General Keys will be applied to importance essay, all perspectives. Perspectives can be customized and critical on angels in america, saved for your own needs (Figure 6). The three categories of customization are: the available command groups, menu details, and importance in tamil, toolbar details. Figure 6. Customizing perspectives. A Web Services Explorer is reflection on a, also provided. Real-time capturing, refining, replaying, and scheduling. To capture, refine, replay, and schedule a test run is of water essay, simple as 1-2-3, because Rational Performance Tester is designed to be easy for even novice users to use. The underlying mechanisms, such as automatic script capturing and replay, are kept hidden from average users.

This is to simplify test creation and maintenance. Meaning Essay! To record a test, follow these steps: First, create a test project. From the essay in tamil menu, select File New Performance Test Project . Enter the project name when prompted. Choose the record. For a Web application, choose HTTP recording . Write A Good Essay! Click Next . On the of water in tamil next page, choose the characteristics of a role test project for in tamil, the test script that you named. You can capture any Web URL for the application under test when you see the screen shown in Figure 10. When you are satisfied with your recording, click Exit Recorder . You can now proceed to meaning of an essay on man, refining your test script (by clicking) and replaying it in any manner. After you have recorded your test script, what's left is normally the refinement of test schedule. For example, you can customize your script in these ways, among others:

Add delay time (in milliseconds, or ms) between each virtual user, user think time, and statistical-level settings Define your own Datapools (discussed in the next topic) Correlate data (to ensure a smooth flow of of water essay in tamil, meaningful data from on body page to page) Add verification points (to examine the passing rate of each page under test) Add protocol-specific elements, transactions, a loop, a comment, conditional processing, and custom code. IBM Rational Performance Tester enables you to create any number of test projects, recordings, and schedules for importance of water in tamil, running the test scripts. This section is brief on of an on man purpose, because further explanations will be given in Part 2 of this series where you will follow a full load-testing cycle using IBM Rational Performance Tester. IBM Rational Performance Tester can supply variable data to dynamically load test data, either straight from the importance in tamil CSV file or from custom code. This datapooling is meaning of an essay on man, a way to emulate real-life scenarios by substituting user data or activities where input is required. For example, imagine that you want to test the ACME Online application, which is an online shopping cart. After logging in, users will search using particular keywords, browse the of water essay in tamil catalog, pick the write quickly items that they like, type in of water particulars, add comments, or evaluate their shopping experiences before checking out by specifying a payment method. Traditionally, the test data with varying values requires input from higher-skill personnel to write, supply custom code. With datapooling, you can emulate each page that requires user input with your custom test data.

In the ACME Online scenario, a datapool can be created for user login, searching keywords, and importance of water in tamil, so on. This feature enables you to thesis statement on maya, build robust and flexible test cases. Figure 11 shows a sample of an imported datapool in the datapool editor. You can perform the importance of water in tamil following actions on the imported datapool: Add a record Remove a record Add a variable Edit a variable Remove a variable. A typical test case comprises multiple pages and, depending on the nature of the pages, there could be variables required for reflection, each page. This user input is encapsulated in HTML form and posted by either the get or post methods. Importance Of Water In Tamil! You can create Datapools that correspond to each page by statement for research on maya naming them accordingly. For example, to effectively test an end-to-end Web application, the Datapools may consist of pools such as UserLogin, SearchString, ItemName, PaymentMethod, and importance of water essay in tamil, so forth. There are only a few steps for creating and thesis, associating datapool with a page:

Right-click the of water essay in tamil Datapools folder (it's a good practice to put all Datapools in a folder) or anywhere within the Test Navigator (see Figure 12). Figure 12. Adding a datapool, Step 1. Next, specify the name that the appropriate the new datapool will fall under. In this example, it is under the Yahoo Entertainment Datapools folder. Give it a name before clicking Next (see Figure 13). Figure 13.

Adding a datapool, Step 2. You can create a datapool of any columns and rows. Providing a description is optional (Figure 14). Figure 14. Image! Adding a datapool, Step 3. Browse to the desired CSV file (which you need to importance of water in tamil, have created previously). Topic! Click Finish to finish adding the datapool. Figure 15. Adding a datapool, Step 4.

Associating a page with a datapool. Associating a page with a datapool is of water essay in tamil, straightforward. From the Performance test recording's test data section, highlight the row to substitute with the datapool, and then click Data Variable (Figure 16). The URLs with query strings will be detected automatically and displayed in a good a dark green color. Figure 16.

Associating a datapool with a page, Step 1. Click Add Datapool , click on in tamil the datapool that you want to add, and then click Select. (Figure 17). Figure 17. Statement Paper! Associating the datapool with the importance of water in tamil page, Step 2. To finish associating a datapool with a page, navigate to the column and click the write a good quickly Use Column button (Figure 18). Figure 18. Associating the datapool with the page, Step 3. The IBM Rational Performance Tester datapool feature enables you to substitute varying data, based on the varying pages navigated, thereby avoiding more complex alternatives, such as custom coding. You can build test cases based on different combinations of importance of water essay, page navigation, and associate each page that requires user input with one or more Datapools. However, for truly scalable test cases built by using a huge set of thesis statement paper on maya, test data, substituting Datapools may not be the best solution.

In those situations, you can use the custom code capability. Of Water Essay In Tamil! For example, a Java™ developer can plug in custom code to pull in a huge set of thesis on body, data on the fly. (For more about this, see the IBM® developerWorks® article titled Handling test data with IBM Rational Performance Tester 7.0: Part 2. Importance Of Water! Using files for very large sets of test data.) The ability to meaning of an, substitute a pool of data on the fly is coupled with the ability to correlate varying data to emulate through testing a multi-user environment. Importance Of Water Essay! Correlation (also known as using dynamic data) is a way to of a model, ensure that the request on the current page is essay, based on the reference (value) of the previous page. Often, the data request on the current page is characteristics model essay, based on the response data from previous pages. Rational Performance Tester recognizes and automatically correlates these references to distinctly emulate each user's activities. This way, a user is differentiated from another test user based on importance of water essay the distinct data requested from essays on angels all of the importance in tamil test pages. There are two ways to correlate data; Automatically (automated data correlation), where the test generator automatically detects the in america previous value to substitute in the current request. As mentioned earlier, references (value from of water previous responses) will be used to correlate the subsequent request value.

You can also extend the thesis on body correlation by using your own custom code. Of Water! Manually , by breaking the existing correlation and link values from previous responses as values to the current request. Although this is the write a good default behavior, you can turn off the automated data correlation. However, after you turn it off, you are on your own as far as data flow relationship for test pages is concerned. Turning it off is easy (Figure 19): Go to Menu, Windows Preferences Performance Test Generation . Select the Data Correlation tab. Figure 19. Turn off data correlation.

Workload breakdown and assignment. To emulate the importance of water in tamil real-life scenario during application load testing, Rational Performance Tester gives you flexible options to make the testing as realistic as can be. You can create as many test scripts and schedules as you wish and on body image, any combination of importance of water essay in tamil, virtual user loads, dynamically. Often, you may wonder whether you have these options: Can I specify 1000 virtual testers to be run in three remote machines with equal breakdown of characteristics of a essay, user loads?

Can I have 10% of the total virtual testers run first, followed by another 10% before the rest of them start? Can I have one group of virtual testers running certain portions of the pages within the application under test? Can I specify user think time? Can I randomize the test sequence? Can I run the load test remotely with each virtual user using a different IP? Can I run a test at a set rate? Because Rational Performance Tester allows you to accomplish any permutation of of water essay in tamil, these options, we will first explore how it allows different activities to be assigned to different groups with test elements attached to thesis image, them, and of water, how these elements affect the behavior of a load test. Figure 20 shows how easily you can break down the workload and of an essay on man, assignments to different user groups, with each group carrying different virtual users. For example, to add a new group:

Simply right-click on the group from a test schedule (under Schedule Contents ). Choose the Add user group option. After you have created a group, you can break down the distribution among all the groups by attaching the test scripts (the recordings) to these groups. The relationship between a user group and importance essay, a test script is1:N. In other words, one user group can run more than one test script. As far as workload distribution is concerned, assigning the absolute user or percentage of users is all you have to carry out. However, to a good essay, emulate a real-life scenario, having just the workload distribution among various groups does not necessarily reflect a good test scenario. To overcome this, Rational Performance Tester provides various elements that you can associate with a schedule. Whether to Include these in the schedule or not depends on the scenarios that you are testing. These elements are associated directly with a schedule. Figure 21 depicts some of the elements that can be included within a schedule. Figure 21.

Schedule with other elements. You can add these elements to a test schedule: Test script (recording): After it is recorded, you can assign a test script to a schedule. In Tamil! One schedule can have more than one test script assigned indirectly through various user groups, because each user group can have more than one test script. Essays! Group and importance of water, percentage assignment: This is for a user group that breaks down the workload. It includes the ability to set the number of users that start a run. For example: 50 absolute users starting to run at of a model time T1. User think time: To emulate typical user think time, there are four options for settings; Recorded think time Fixed think time (by default, 2 seconds) Dynamically increasing or decreasing the think time by percentage Randomizing the think time by percentage. Delay time: You can include the delay (in ms) between user runs. Hardly any real-life scenario achieves a high, true concurrency (for example, 20 users running precisely at essay time T1 without a decimal added).

Usually, 50-100 ms delay time is normal. Meaning! If you set delay time to be 100 ms, it means that a user (virtual user) starts running at 12:00:00:00 noon, followed by the second user running at 12:00:00:01. Loop: This is to run a test at a set rate. Importance In Tamil! From the Schedule Element Details panel, you can set the number of iterations and control the rate of iterations (for instance, 2 per sec). You can also randomize the delay between the iterations. Random selector: In real life, application page hit is of an on man, usually random. This element is to provide randomization for a test run sequence, rather than running the test sequentially, by adding random selector. During the setting of the random selector, input for weight is of water essay in tamil, required. You will subsequently associate the weight with a test script.

IP alias: By using this, you can emulating each virtual user having one dedicated IP address. Part 2 of this series explains these elements in more detail. The goal of performance testing is to identify the performance bottleneck by collecting analysis data for all components involved. This includes application tier performance monitoring, such as application server level instrumentation for thesis for research paper on maya, IBM® WebSphere® Application Servers (Versions 5 or later) and BEA WebLogic Version 8 or data collection using the Application Response Measurement (ARM) API for application servers that aren't natively supported, such as JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and so on. Of Water In Tamil! Also, the database tier monitoring can be ARM-enabled. In that sense, all database activities can be collected and displayed as a UML sequence diagram. Reflection On A Topic! Enabling real-life application monitoring is of water essay in tamil, just one aspect of performance test monitoring. Meaning! These levels of data collection (application and database tiers) are not complete without the ability to collect server-side resource level monitoring where the application components are running. There are more than three default real-time resource level monitoring methods supported by of water in tamil IBM Rational Performance Tester, including these: IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring UNIX® or Linux® rstatd daemon Microsoft® Windows® Performance Monitor (perfmon)

As an example, to monitor by using Windows Performance Monitor, you need to enable resource monitoring. Follow these steps to collect Windows Performance Monitor analysis data. Select the schedule. In the Schedule Element Details panel, click the Resource Monitoring tab. Image! Check the option to Enable resource monitoring (see Figure 22). For a new setup, click New to add it. Of Water In Tamil! You can also add an existing server to be monitored or edit from the server defined earlier. Figure 22. Enabling resource monitoring, Step1. After you click Add New , you can enter your username and password under the Location tab.

You can then select the statistics that you want under Resource tab (Figure 23) and polling and time-out intervals under Options tab. Figure 23. Enabling resource monitoring, Step 2. To monitor through IBM Tivoli Monitoring and essay, UNIX (or Linux) rstatd, you must ensure that they are up and running before you can connect to importance of water essay, them. Apart from the real-time system monitoring, you can also import historical analysis data from IBM Tivoli Monitoring into a performance report. Thesis On Body Image! For example, from the menu, select File Import , and then select Profile and Logging Resource Monitoring Data . Of Water In Tamil! The next screen allows you to specify the Tivoli-monitored server. On Body Image! Currently, you can import only IBM Tivoli Monitoring historical data. (See Figure 24.) Figure 24. Importing historical data from Tivoli. One of the best benefits of using Rational Performance Tester is the online (and offline) analysis reports that can be generated to analyze the importance essay performance in general and of a model, the tool's ability to of water essay in tamil, drill down to the root cause of paper, specific problems. The default reports are more than sufficient for general purposes.

If more advanced reports are required, you can customize the analysis reports to generate more meaningful, in-depth reports that provide more insight into the performance issues. There are four categories of HTTP reports available in IBM Rational Performance Tester:. Performance Report Page Element Report Percentile Report Verification Report. The details of various performance reports will be further covered in of water essay in tamil Part 3 of this series. Performance Report consists of high-level reports, such as overall run success rate, a summary page that showcases the total completed users, total elapsed time, average response time for all pages, and so forth. The online Performance Report is of a, shown in different formats (9 tabs) for easy navigation. For example, Figure 25 shows Response vs. Time in importance of water in tamil a summary format. Figure 25.

Performance Report: Response vs. Write A Good Essay! Time Summary. Page Element Report , a 5-tab report, consists of its own set of default analysis reports, such as Response vs. Time Details and Page Element Throughput. Figure 26 shows a typical Page Element Throughput report. Figure 26. Page Element Report - Page Element Throughput. Percentile Report , a 4-tab report, shows the importance in tamil percentile ranking associated with page response time. The default reports provided with this report include the summary and the 85th, 90th, and 95th percentiles. This type of report is usually used to essay, determine the anomalies, such as a surge in page activity.

By associating the in tamil percentile with a page, data can be gathered at each page level to identify the page behavior at each of those key percentiles. These reports are one way to say that 85% of the pages are completed in X ms, 90% in Y ms and so on. You can create the relationship between percentiles and critical essays in america, page response time so that it gives you the of water essay in tamil assurance that 85% of the pages were responded to in a specific time. Then, by visually comparing the essays on angels reports with the subsequent Percentile Reports, you can easily tell when any anomalies occur. Figure 27 captures the importance of water in tamil 85th percentile, and it's not uncommon for critical on angels in america, simpler pages to have the exact 90th and 95th percentile, which means things are going reasonably well. As the example shows, 85% of the users completed downloading the Yahoo! Entertainment page in essay in tamil 16,954 ms. Figure 27. Percentile Report - 85th. Verification Report , a 3-tab report, gives the statement on maya Pass or Fail status for pages that are enabled for verification. In Tamil! Verification is set under Test Content under the test script.

It is a way to tell if a page request passes or fails the test. The test metrics can be HTML page title, HTML return codem, and HTML response size (set from of a model Windows references Performance Test Generation Verification Points ). Verification points can be turned on for each page, as Figure 28 shows. Figure 28. Verification Point - Enabling. Page Verification Points report lists the individual page with the importance in tamil corresponding passing or failing rate, plus the percentage passing rate. A sample Page Verification Points report shows the critical in america passing rate of the completed pages. In the example in Figure 29, there isn't a failed page; therefore, the passing rate is 100 percent. Figure 29. Verification Point - Page Verification Points.

In addition to those four reports, you can drill down to page level for better understanding of response time based on page level. To drill down to importance of water essay in tamil, a page, pick a page (the vertical bar) on the Page Performance tab of the on body default performance report, and right-click to select Display Page Element Responses . For example, Figure 30 shows the importance in tamil My MTV Movie Awards '07 page, and thesis statement, Breaking News on essay in tamil Yahoo! was selected for drill-down. Figure 30. Critical Essays! Page Element Response, Step 1. Figure 31. Page Element Response - Step 2. Rational Performance Tester also enables you to perform root cause analysis. This is facilitated in two ways: resource use (as mentioned earlier) and code execution statistics . Here, you can get a response time breakdown report from the performance report. Importance In Tamil! This allows you to meaning of an essay on man, analyze statistics from the importance of water page elements during a scheduled test or to analyze any imported history data from external tools. Response time breakdown shows details such as the duration of each element for on body, the system that you are testing.

Each page element is associated with an essay, entry in the statistic in the details. Before getting the response time breakdown, you must enable the Response Time Breakdown option: Choose the schedule that contains the test scripts, and then select Schedule Element Details Response Time Breakdown . Under Quick Links , check the box labeled Enable collection of on body, response time data . Importance Of Water Essay! Finally, select the box for the appropriate recording. Figure 32. Reflection Topic! Enabling Response Time Breakdown. Ensure that the DCI is running and ready to of water, monitor. To start monitoring, go to Start All Programs IBM Software Development Platform IBM Rational Data Collection Infrastructure Start Monitoring . The Response Time Breakdown report gives the code execution-related statistics, which include the underlying component, such as JDBC, RMI/IIOP (Remote Method Invocation over for research paper Internet InterORB Protocol), Web services, EJBs, and so forth. Importance Of Water! Figure 33 shows a sample Response Time Breakdown report. (You can also view Response Time Breakdown Statistics for more detail, although that option is not shown here.) Figure 33. Response time breakdown.

Usually, the response time breakdown is captured in the development environment. After it is enabled and configured to collect the amount of data (low, medium, or high), and with the data collection infrastructure installed and running, you can get collections of role model, data in in tamil several ways: From a standard Web application performance test. Characteristics Of A Role Model Essay! From these performance monitoring tools: IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring for Transaction Performance, IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for Response Time Tracking, or IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for importance of water, WebSphere. From the thesis Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server though Application Response Measurement (ARM). Supported application servers are IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Versions 5 and 6, and BEA WebLogic Version 8. Web Services From an ARM-instrumented application. This mode is to support a non-supported J2EE application server. Data can be collected by manually inserting ARM API calls. The ARM instrumentation will produce a transaction sequence diagram by drilling down to the application under instrumentation. From application logs that applications, Web servers, and database servers generate.

These can be imported, analyzed, and correlated. Each application server needs to be configured and instrumented to use the importance in tamil data collection infrastructure. The sole purpose of starting the essays in america Data Collection Infrastructure (DCI) monitor is to collect analysis data. As mentioned earlier, to importance of water essay, ensure that data is critical essays on angels in america, collected, the DCI needs to be enabled (installed and running) for importance, each host that the application runs on and from which you want to collect data. Failure to do so will result in the error shown in Figure 34. Rational Performance Tester is packaged with IBM® Rational® ClearCase® LT for source version control to write quickly, foster better collaboration in the development environment. ClearCase LT deploys a single-server model with fewer administrative requirements. Of Water Essay In Tamil! Although naturally suited to a smaller environment, such as 25-30 developers and testers, you can use ClearCase or IBM® Rational® ClearCase MultiSite® editions for larger environments, and migration paths are provided for both. Assets such as projects, schedules, tests, custom code, Datapools, locations, and image, results can be put under source control. With IBM Rational ClearCase LT source control, the following features are provided: Check in and Check out: Checking in assets enable others to work on them.

Checking out instead allows you to work on them in your local workbench Perspective support: CVS Repository Exploring (Figure 35) and Team Synchronizing perspectives. Figure 35. CVS related perspective. Multiple views: CVS Console, CVS History, and CVS Repository. Synchronization and importance, Merge: Synchronization is a way to inspect the thesis image differences between the local workbench resources with a repository. It allows you to update resources in your local workbench and of water, commit resources from the local workbench to a repository. Merge enables you to role model, work out a compromise when there is a resource conflict. The integration with Rational ClearCase LT introduces the capability of sharing working assets in branches, or parallel development of of water in tamil, assets. Anyone can share testing files by checking in and out from the work area, which can be updated at write a good any time by team members. Usually, individuals will work on portions of the team project locally, checking others' work by synchronizing any changes made in a branch. In a nutshell, all work carried out by an individual remains local and of water essay in tamil, that work will be shareable only after that person has published it by committing the work to the repository.

When you have committed changes to the branch, the changes will be copied from your local workbench to the branch. There may be various branches, such as one branch for each project running in parallel, based on functional requirements. The same applies to working with various branches. You would examine others' work by synchronizing your workbench first. To synchronize, IBM Rational Performance Tester is equipped with a Team Synchronizing perspective for easy navigation and management. There are four modes related to synchronization: Incoming: Shows the resources in meaning of an essay the CVS repository that differ from local workbench (ingoing changes only) Outgoing: Shows resources being modified in a local workbench (outgoing changes only) Incoming/Outgoing: Shows the combination of both incoming and outgoing changes Conflict: Shows resources that are in conflict. Resources are in conflict when there is a more recent copy in the repository than the importance in tamil one that you are working on. Conflicting resources can be resolved by merging them. Discarding your work or others' work may not be a good option.

Adding custom code and extending tests. IBM Rational Performance Tester is primarily an interactive GUI tester that enables even the novice user to thesis on body image, perform load testing with ease. However, there is occasionally a need for importance of water essay, more advanced testing measures that require custom code to be added. The custom code option is represented by the green character C icon. You can insert custom code anywhere within a test script. Figure 36 illustrates two custom code snippets being inserted. When you first insert custom code, a class name will be generated automatically.

However, you can rename the class to something more meaningful to you, if you wish. When custom code has been inserted, you can immediately enter the code logic by switching to the Java source view (click View Code ). Alternatively, you can change the characteristics essay perspective to Java Browsing. Also, the inline Java IDE allows you to debug your code. There are two interfaces provided, CustomCode2 and ITestExecutionServices , for you to extend test execution (a complete Javadoc is provided). The following scenarios are the importance essay in tamil typical use cases for extending test execution: Controlling the behavior of loops Running an exit to call on external program Finding the IP address of meaning of an essay, a group of users or an individual user Setting and clearing cookies for a user Getting information from a user data area Correlating data from one page to another.

It's uncommon to test user loads dynamically for each test iteration remotely distributed across geographical boundaries. Traditional testing methods, with every test being confined to one location, may not be feasible for importance essay in tamil, a geographically dispersed development team. In addition to the ability to write a good quickly, share test assets across boundaries, Rational Performance Tester enables you to conduct the load test across different locations through a WAN (wide-area network). Because servers may be scattered, geographically, the remote execution ability coupled with the low hardware requirements needed to run the test enables you to deploy remote servers using IBM® AIX®, Linux, Microsoft® Windows®, and z/OS operating systems. For example, you might have 5 low-end servers emulating 5000 users from Singapore, 3 servers emulating 3000 users from Hong Kong, and so on. This testing method not only produces more realistic test results, it also reduces the cost of testing overall, because test results can be analyzed and shared among the teams and idle servers can be put to good use. The minimal requirements, such as one CPU (in general) and 1MB memory per virtual user (in general) depend primarily on the complexity of the test pages.

There are factors that can increase the amount of of water essay, memory per virtual user. You can achieve much higher scalability by emulating realistic scenarios, such as using think time and delay time for each user. Usually, it's a good idea not to meaning on man, put extra load on the administration server where central administration is being carried out, because workbench-related activities require resources from the server. After you have captured the test script, scaling up to more virtual users is a matter of adding more user groups. Rational Performance Tester handles the scalability seamlessly by allowing you to add more user groups and importance of water, assign either absolute users or users based on thesis for research on maya a percentage.

There is no need to re-capture the test script as long as the test cases remains intact. The central administration allows a centralized view and management, with little administrative overhead required for administering remote test systems. Essay In Tamil! The amount of effort that it takes to administer local and write a good quickly, remote test servers is identical, because administering remote servers is no more complicated than handling local ones. Figure 38 shows how easy it is to include remote servers as test servers. Figure 38. Remote Test Servers - Administration. In this first part of this four-part series, we looked at of water essay in tamil various capabilities provided by statement paper IBM Rational Performance Tester, including the easy-to-use GUI administration, reporting features, and scalability. Of Water In Tamil! Although this has been only a general overview, this article gave you a bird's-eye view of features and functions, You can use the knowledge gained in this brief introduction to on angels in america, broaden your understanding of the load-testing tools that are among the importance in tamil software options of the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform. In Parts 2 and 3, you will follow a full load-testing cycle, and in Part 4, you'll get a detailed look at statement for research paper the many reports and their variations included in Rational Performance Tester and learn how to customize them for your specific needs.

Evaluate Rational software with a downloadable and online version of Performance Tester trial software.. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

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31 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Examples. The Muse Editor. Traditional cover letter wisdom tells you to start a cover letter with something to the effect of: Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to apply for importance essay the position of Marketing Manager with the Thomas Company. We say: The days of cookie cutter cover letter intros are long gone. Here’s the thing: Your cover letter is the best way to introduce to the hiring manager who you are, what you have to reflection on a topic, offer, and importance of water in tamil why you want the job—but you have an extremely limited amount of time to image, do all of those things.

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So, a customer service role at RentHop, where I could do it every day? I can’t think of anything more fulfilling. Having grown up with the Cincinnati Zoo (literally) in importance of water in tamil, my backyard, I understand firsthand how you’ve earned your reputation as one of the most family-friendly venues in the State of Ohio. For 20 years, I’ve been impressed as your customer; now I want to thesis on body, impress visitors in the same way your team has so graciously done for me. Importance Of Water Essay In Tamil! ( Via @JobJenny ) I was an hour out from my first big dinner party when I realized I had forgotten to pick up the white wine. In a panic, I started Googling grocery delivery services, and on body image that’s when I first stumbled across Instacart. Importance Of Water Essay In Tamil! I’ve been hooked ever since, so I couldn’t help but get excited by critical on angels in america, the idea of bringing the amazingness of Instacart to shoddy planners like me as your next social media and community manager. Essay! Though I’m happily employed as a marketing manager for OHC, seeing the job description for in america Warby Parker’s PR director stopped me in my tracks. I’ve been a Warby glasses wearer for many years, and of water essay in tamil have always been impressed by the way the company treats its customers, employees, and the community at critical essays on angels, large.

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For now. Photo of statement for research paper on maya, person writing courtesy of Sam Diephuis/Getty Images#46; Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for this class. While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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Essay: Apologetics and the Christian World View. See below for an essay on the Christian World View by John Oakes, PhD. Apologetics and the Christian World View. A number of years ago I wrote and published a book which I thought at the time covered all of the important basic topics relating to Christian Evidence for those trying to build up the faith of young Christians and non-believers. Importance In Tamil? The book is titled, Reasons for Belief: A Handbook of Christian Evidence.

It brings together evidence in support of Christian belief from the claims of Jesus, miracles, the resurrection, messianic and other prophecies, archaeology, history and the Bible, support for the documentary reliability of the Bible, science and the Bible, and it discusses supposed inconsistencies in meaning of an on man the Bible. Of Water Essay? In the past three years I have come to the conclusion that there is characteristics of a role model essay, one major topic which is essential in any basic but comprehensive Christian evidences discussion which is not included in my book. This is the subject of world view. What is a world view and why is a discussion of world view essential to even the most basic attempts to importance, create and sustain Christian belief? Quite simply, one’s world view is the perspective one uses to process and interpret information received about the world. James W. Sire [1] put it this way, A world view is a set of presuppositions (ie. assumptions) which we hold about the basic makeup of our world. We live in a world in write a good essay quickly which the Christian world view is not only not the norm, to the vast majority-even to many who attend church regularly-it seems about as strange as belief in lepruchans or the tooth fairy.

Our intellectual institutions are dominated by postmodern philosophy and scientific materialism. Many believe that all religions are more or less the same. The very existence of truth is denied, both in of water in tamil the halls of our universities and in popular media. It will be very difficult to plant the seed of rational evidence in such unfertile ground. We must explore and explain the major world views and demonstrate carefully why that proposed by the Bible is superior, because it is logically most consistent with the essay quickly world as it really is, because it answers most successfully the fundamental questions all human beings ask, and because in comports best with what the human conscience knows is importance of water in tamil, good and right. In this essay I will be analyzing the most influential world views in modern culture; contrasting these to the Christian world view, explaining why we feel that the Bible offers a view of the world which is superior, both in its consistency with the world as it is and in the way it solves the fundamental human questions. For those who want to dig a little deeper into meaning essay on man the topic, let me suggest a good primer on the subject. It is The Universe Next Door , by James W. Sire (several copies available as I write at Amazon for less than 1$!).

For those who want to dig really deep, there is the tome produced by J. P. Moreland and importance of water William Lane Craig, Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview . Thesis? A note of importance essay in tamil, caution, this book is meaning of an essay on man, not easy reading and it is not cheap to buy! In the first part of this essay, I will be describing briefly the Christian world view. It is tempting to assume that a Christian, almost by definition, understands the Christian world view, and of course there is a grain of importance in tamil, truth in this. However, it is my own experience that many believers in Jesus Christ have an insufficient understanding of how Jesus Christ viewed the world in which humans exist. For this reason, this introduction will be used both to more carefully define the world view to which Christians ought to write a good quickly, hold, and as a point of comparison when we discuss the world view of postmodernism, naturalism, new ageism and the major world religions. First, let us ask what a good world view ought to look like? Is a good world view, by definition, one that we like-that we find ourselves naturally agreeing with? Is it one which creates good physical or emotional health? Is it the one which creates the greatest amount of human happiness?

Perhaps it is the one which results in the creation of the greatest amount of economic growth and movement away from poverty and political upheaval. In fact, according to one world view, that of naturalism, there is of water in tamil, no such thing as a good world view, as all such value judgments are meaningless. There is a sense in which this question of what constitutes a good world view is a personal decision for all of us. Each of us reading this article must, in the end, decide what constitutes a good and legitimate world view. Let us put this out there as a starting thesis.

It is not possible to thesis, have no world view at all (please forgive the double negative). We will have one by default if we do not choose to think about it. Given that our world view in large measure defines who we are and determines how we live our lives, surely it is importance of water essay, worth the time and intellectual effort to examine, evaluate and perhaps even change our world view toward one which more accurately reflects reality and makes us a better citizen of the universe in which we live and move and have our being. What makes for a good world view? It has already been said that this has to be a personal decision, but let me propose a few qualities for us to consider when looking at the major world views. The first quality which one might want to write a good, consider that makes a world view good is that it is true. Of Water In Tamil? To hold to an idea which is false is essays on angels, surely not to be preferred to holding to an idea which is true.

There is no virtue and importance of water essay there is very rarely an advantage in being wrong. What makes something true? This is a question for philosophy, but let us try to keep this relatively simple. Characteristics Of A Essay? Something is true if it is consistent with reality. This is sometimes called the Correspondence Theory of importance of water essay in tamil, Truth. Statement? If a belief is in clear contradiction with well-established facts about the world, then it is not true. This may seem a truism, but we will see that the Postmodern does not accept the Correspondence Theory of Truth. If one holds to the belief that gravity does not operate to importance of water in tamil, attract masses toward one another, that view will be disproved by letting go of a heavy object.

If one holds to the idea that refusal to communicate leads to peace, that too will be shown by reality not to be true. The sticking point, of on a, course, comes with defining how one decides what is reality and of water essay what is true. One perspective, that of the empiricist, is that truth is determined solely by what we can observe with our senses and what we can measure with our instruments. Another perspective, that of rationalists such as DesCartes, is that which is true is that which my mind and clear reasoning tells me is thesis image, true. What is true must be logical. The one who said, We hold these truths to importance essay, be self-evident was speaking as a rationalist. Most of us who do not occupy the rarified regions of philosophy can be more practical in our definition. We can combine the two ideas. Those things we hold to be true must be consistent with what we can observe-with our own history and reflection topic hopefully that of others, and importance of water essay in tamil they must be rational-logically consistent. It must not be supported by circular or patently poor reasoning or require us to believe what we know not to essay quickly, be true.

The second quality which makes for a good world view is that it successfully answers the important questions humans ask. What these important questions are and how one is to of water in tamil, define success in answering them is, of course, subjective to some extent. However, there are a number of questions for on a, which people everywhere seek the answers. Below is the list of importance of water, such questions from The Universe Next Door , slightly reworded: 1. What is prime reality? (or What is the ultimate cause? or What is the nature of God?)

2. Meaning Essay? What is the nature of external reality-the world around us? 3. What is a human being? 4. What happens to a person at death? 5. Why is it possible for us to know anything at all? 6. How do we know what is right and essay wrong?

7. Essays In America? What is the meaning of human history? To these let me add: 8. What is my purpose? 9. What is the nature of my relationship, with the prime reality? The third quality which makes for a good world view is that those who ascribe to it are better human beings for having taken this as their world view. Again, of course, better is going to be subjective, but there are a few measures to which nearly all people can agree. If one’s world view results on balance in an increased likelihood of genocide, racial or any other kind of hatred, poverty, anarchy, physical and emotional suffering or war, then such a world view is of water essay in tamil, easily identified an deficient. We will be subjecting the important world views to scrutiny based on these three definitions of what make for a good world view. Write A Good? Is it true?

Does it successfully answer the important questions? and Does it make those who hold to it better people? The Christian World View. Clearly, a lot of importance of water in tamil, things can be included under the heading of the Christian world view. Write Essay? My intent here is to keep it very simple and not necessarily provide a lot of scriptural support at essay in tamil this point. We will add to these ideas as we go along, as well as giving them flesh. In order to provide a useful basis as we proceed to analyze, compare and contrast the biblical with other world views, the points will be outlined and numbered. 1. Role Model Essay? The physical world is: c. essentially good. These points are established before we get out of the first chapter in the Bible. The reader should be aware that these presuppositions are definitely NOT held to importance, by many of the influential world views. Many believe that the on angels physical world is an illusion.

Many believe that the universe(s) have existed forever. Even more hold to the belief as part of their view of the world that physical reality is corrupted and evil. To summarize, consider Genesis 1:31 (NIV) God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning-the sixth day. 2. There exists a parallel unseen spiritual reality which is not limited to or defined by the physical reality. A scripture which supports both this presupposition and the first is Hebrews 11:3 (HCSB), By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is importance of water essay in tamil, seen has been made from things that are not visible. This verse also can be used to support our third point of the Christian world view. 3. The creator of both the physical and spiritual realm is the God who is revealed and who reveals himself in the Bible.

4. Of An? Although the physical world is importance of water, good, evil does exist. Such evil is the result of freedom of on maya, will given to created beings and importance essay their subsequent decision to use that freedom to sin (defined as transgressing the will of God). 5. Reflection Topic? Human beings have both a physical and a spiritual nature, but the spiritual nature is more essential as it is eternal. 6. There is a definite right and essay wrong for human behavior which is determined by God. It is interesting to note that all of these are stated or implied in the first three chapters of Genesis. It is thesis on body image, apparent that God wanted to establish right up front how he wants his people to view the world. My intention here is to analyze how good (good being defined above) the Christian world view is principally by comparing and contrasting it with other world views. In other words, the idea that the importance of water essay in tamil created physical world is good will be supported when I contrast it with the Hindu idea that the physical world is an illusion or the Greek idea that it is essentially evil, or the naturalist view that it is not created.

In the paper last section of the essay, I will come back to of water in tamil, the Christian world view, explaining why I believe it is that Jesus Christ provided us with what is characteristics of a model essay, far and away the best view of the world which has even been presented to of water, mankind. It is my hope that in the process some of my readers will have had their view of the world changed-that it will more perfectly reflect the perspective of Jesus of Nazareth. We have already looked at why people ought to think carefully about their view of the world, and at the importance of characteristics role, forming and holding to a consistent world view. We have considered a reasonable set of importance of water, criteria for what might make for a good view of the world. In addition, we have given a bare bones description of the Christian world view. The first alternative world view we will contrast with that of Christianity is critical on angels in america, Naturalism; also known as Scientific Materialism.

This is probably the simplest to understand of all the world views we will cover in this series. Let us consider several statements defining Naturalism: The only reliable or valid instrument to deciding the truth or even the value of any proposition is the scientific method. The only reality is that which is observable by physical means. There is no spiritual reality, no moral truth, no God, no life after death, no soul, no spirit, no consciousness, except perhaps as an epiphenomenon. Consider that of importance of water essay, Richard Lewontin: We exist as material beings in a material world, all of whose phenomena are the consequences of material relations among material entities. In a word, the public needs to accept materialism, which means that they must put God in the trash can of history where such myths belong. The following are not definitions of Scientific Materialism, but represent obvious implications of this philosophy. A statement of Naturalism from Richard Dawkins; world-famous atheist and evolutionist: In the universe of blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt and other people are going to get lucky: and you won’t find any rhyme or reason to it, nor any justice.

The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is at the bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good. Nothing but blind, pitiless indifference. DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is, and we dance to its music. From Thomas Huxley, known as Darwin’s bulldog:

We are as much the product of on a, blind forces as is the falling of a stone to earth, or the ebb and flow of the tides. Importance Of Water In Tamil? We have just happened, and man was made flesh by a long series of singularly beneficial accidents. Consider for a moment the of a essay implications of this rather depressing world view. If it is true then my personal concept of I is a delusion. My perception of importance essay in tamil, consciousness is simply the accidental result of neurons firing and chemicals moving around in my brain (ie consciousness is an epiphenomenon). When I say to my wife or my children I love you, what this means in reality is that when I think about them my neural pathways light up in a particular way and certain neurotransmitters change their level of activity. Love is thesis image, not a thing in itself (and of course the of water biblical statement that God is love is essay, sheer nonsense). If the naturalist is correct then there is no purpose to life whatsoever, except perhaps the of water evolutionary purpose to characteristics of a model, procreate and create as many copies of my particular genetic material as possible. If the naturalist is importance of water in tamil, right than my personal belief that murder, lying and stealing are wrong has no basis whatever in absolute truth, but is critical essays, simply one person’s particular opinion-one dictated not by truth but, if anything, by a genetic predisposition toward thinking that way, created by a kind of essay, cultural natural selection. My personal experience tells me that virtually no one can accept this world view with all its implications.

Despite this fact, in many intellectual circles it is the publically accepted world view and those who do not hold to it are laughed at. Educated people who believe that there is thesis statement for research paper on maya, a spiritual reality which supersedes the physical reality are treated derisively as holding to an immature, outmoded and silly idea about the world. In fact, materialists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens publicly declare religionists to be the of water in tamil enemy of human progress and directly or indirectly the cause of all evil in write essay quickly the world (this despite the fact that they do not believe that evil exists). What is the of water essay genesis of this world view? To discover the source of Naturalism, one must turn the clock back to the Scientific Revolution. The fact is that the creators of the Scientific Revolution-Roger Bacon, Copernicus, Galileo and critical on angels in america others-were all believers in the Christian world view. Of Water Essay In Tamil? In fact, their belief in science followed directly from the Christian world view. Belief in critical essays on angels the God of the Bible led Bacon and others to conclude that there must be a single, unchanging set of laws governing the physical universe. These theologians also concluded from their biblical world view that a personal God of love must have made the physical universe to be intelligible to human reason and analyzable by mathematical analysis. All of these Christian assumptions turned out to be true (as far as we can tell) and importance of water in tamil thus science was invented. However, in reflection topic the process of discovering how nature worked, scientists such as Isaac Newton discovered that the universe works according to what seem to be entirely mechanical laws; laws which are so regular and predictable that it seemed God could be removed from the importance essay in tamil equation.

In fact, French mathematician and physicist Pierre-Simone La Place, when asked by Napolean, Where is God? in his theory of mechanics replied, I have no need of that hypothesis. Scottish philosopher David Hume questioned whether we can know anything absolutely and especially whether belief in God had any empirical validity. The rise of deism in the late eighteenth century led to scientific materialism/naturalism by the nineteenth century. Although Darwin himself was not a strict materialist, his work certainly provided fodder for scientism. Only in the twentieth century did we begin to reflection, see aggressive scientific materialists such as Bertrand Russel and of water essay in tamil Carl Sagan beginning to publicly attack all other world views as infantile and foolish. A Response to Scientific Materialism. Any claim that Scientific Materialism is a superior world view to that of Christianity ought to be analyzed according to specific criteria. Let me begin by reflection topic quoting a comment on materialism as a world view. (I apologize that I can no longer find the source of this quote.) The theorist who maintains that science is the importance essay in tamil be-all and the end-all-that what is not in science textbooks is not worth knowing-is an ideologist with a peculiar and distorted doctrine of his own. For him, science is no longer a sector of the cognitive enterprise, but an all-inclusive world view. This is the doctrine not of science but of scientism.

To take this stance is not to celebrate science but to distort it. I have already proposed a set of criteria for a good world view we can use for consideration. A superior world view will be one which: 1. Is true (in other words consistent with reality on various levels) 2. Answers the questions and solves the problems human beings really care about. 3. Causes the quickly person who holds to this world view to be a better person. I reject Naturalism because it is of water essay in tamil, patently false, it does not answer any of the problems and meaning of an essay on man questions human beings as a whole care about and of water essay in tamil it does not tend to help its believers to be better people than they would have been if holding to alternative world views. Naturalism is self-defeating.

It is based on write a good essay, circular reasoning and for many reasons it produces assumptions which are simply not in agreement with common human experience. Therefore it is importance of water in tamil, not true (criterion #1 above). For Research Paper? The scientific world-view presupposes that the universe is ordered and essentially unchanging. It assumes that the laws which govern the universe are inviolable and that the universe is observable and understandable to importance essay in tamil, human beings; that the reflection human mind has a one-to-one correspondence with the way reality is. The naturalist then proceeds to apply these assumptions to rule out all other world views.

The spiritual or supernatural are, by definition, not real. This is circular reasoning. None of the assumptions made as the essay foundation of thesis, science can be proved by experiment or by observation. In this sense, at its most foundational level, science itself is not scientific. It is not that the discoveries of essay, science are wrong. Not at all. Clearly science has given us access to reliable knowledge about how the of an physical world works.

If limited to its proper sphere, science works. It is the importance of water belief that science is the only valid view of the world and thesis on body the only legitimate means to acquire knowledge about reality which is based on circular reasoning. At a recent forum held in the UK a famous chemist/naturalist was asked how he knows that ALL phenomena can be explained by physical laws. After being re-asked a number of importance essay in tamil, times and attempting to get around the question, in on body image the end, this naturalist was forced to confess; to quote I simply believe it is true. In other words, the of water essay reason the scientific materialist knows that We exist as material beings in a material world, all of whose phenomena are the consequences of material relations among material entities. is because he or she assumes the write a good essay conclusion before the investigation.

This is of water essay, a very slim basis on which to build a world view. There are a number of reasons I simply have to reject naturalism as patently false. I will supply a brief list here without taking the time to on body, provide my evidence for such reasons. I will leave to reader to decide the truth of these claims-each of which, if true, make naturalism patently and demonstrably false. 1. Morality is real. Some activities are inherently wrong. 2. Of Water In Tamil? The existence of good and evil is not just an epiphenomenon. Evil is real.

3. Justice is not just a concept. Critical Essays? Some behaviors are just and some are not just. 4. A human life is inherently more valuable than that of importance of water essay, a cockroach. 6. Essay On Man? The universe was created. 7. Life was created. 8. Beauty is real and importance essay in tamil not discoverable by any scientific means.

9. The Bible is inspired by image God. 10. Importance? Jesus of thesis, Nazareth was raised from the dead. This list can be made much longer. In the final analysis the concepts of right and importance of water wrong are not just a human invention. I have found that even those who claim that there is no right or wrong-no evil or good-are not consistent with their own belief. A Good? It is ironic to me that I have witnessed atheists expressing moral outrage over the things done by religionists.

The naturalist may protest it is not true, but I say that I exist. Importance Of Water In Tamil? I am not just a sack of thesis for research, chemicals moving around, with nerve synapses firing off according to patterns guided by my genetic makeup; determined by my environment. I am a person with a reality apart from my chemicals. I have a brain. I am not merely a brain.

Naturalism is just plain not true. Point number two of the argument for why naturalism is not a good world view: It does not answer any of the questions or solve any of the importance problems human beings really care about. Science is characteristics role, good at answering questions such as When? How much? Where? How long? It can answer provisional questions of why, such as why does it rain or why do stars form, but it cannot answer any of the fundamental/ontological/teleological why questions; even about the natural world. For example, science is not helpful at all for importance in tamil, answering such basic questions as Why is gravity as strong as it is, or Why does the electromagnetic force exist,? or Why does the universe exist?

If science cannot answer these questions, it certainly cannot even hint at an answer to a single one of the critical essays in america questions people really care about (as listed above) such as: Why am I here? What is essay in tamil, my purpose? Does God exist? What happens to me when I die? How should I act? How should I treat other people? Why is thesis on body image, it possible for humans to understand how the universe works? Why is there evil in the world? Bottom line, scientific materialism does not even give wrong answers, it gives no answer at all to these questions (There is one exception.

Science provides an answer to importance of water in tamil, the question What happens when I die? The scientific answer is that life simply ends and entropy takes over.) It says that these are nonsense questions. My experience tells me that ignoring important questions and pretending that difficult problems do not exist is a bad way of of a, dealing with such questions and of water problems. I do not mean to imply that Naturalists do not ask these questions or that they do not on an individual basis try to help solve some of the important human problems. Of An Essay? It is just that their world view is not at all helpful for these things. The third criterion from of water, my personal list of qualities which make for a good world view is critical essays on angels, that holding to this view of the world must cause a person to be better than he or she would otherwise have been if not holding to this world view or if holding to alternative world views. Essay? Admittedly, this criterion is fairly subjective, but there are a number of measurements of goodness to which virtually all humans would subscribe. Critical? I believe that Naturalism is not a good world view if judged by this criterion.

Let me state before entering this area that I have a number of importance of water in tamil, friends who are naturalists. This is only natural because I am a scientist by profession. Some of my scientific materialist acquaintances are rather arrogant and hold to ethical and moral ideas with which I cannot agree. However, others have strong ethics and are some of the nicest people I know. No world view has a corner on the goodness market, including the one I hold to. With this qualification in mind (and please do not forget it!), let us consider the motivation for doing good under the Naturalist world view. In theory, the Naturalist believes that there is no purpose to life and of a model no inherently correct morality. Even ethics is extremely difficult or impossible to derive from of water, this world view. Like I already said, some materialists do good deeds.

If so, it is reflection on a topic, probably not because they are motivated out of importance essay in tamil, their world view. Of An? Something else must be operating here. As my good friend Robert Kurka has said the materialists hijacks his or her morality and ethics from the Christian world view. At the risk of offending some, I will make a bold statement here. I believe that scientific materialism is essay, potentially a dangerous world view. According to this view, human beings have no definable value, except as a source of genetic material for subsequent generations. Reflection? Of course, the vast majority of importance essay in tamil, atheists are not violent people and value human life, but there is no moral imperative against murder or rape or robbery or any other of activities that the Christian and other world views hold to be morally wrong. Where does one find the moral compass?

Any category of sexual behavior is acceptable as long as no one is hurt. Lying may be advantageous to survival and therefore good. A lot of evil has been done in the name of statement, religion. Anyone who denies this is not looking at history or is altogether denying the existence of evil. The difference with the Christian world view compared to that of Naturalism, however, is that a Christian who is prejudiced or who lies or who wages war on another for reasons of of water essay in tamil, greed or power is violating his or her world view and is subject to being shown to be doing wrong. There is accountability and justice under the Christian world view. To the Christian there is an imperative to help our fellow mankind. Jesus commanded that those who follow him must Do to others what you would want them to do to you. Such altruism flies is the face of Naturalism as a philosophy. In the statement on maya Christian world view, as exemplified by its creator Jesus Christ and as taught by its scriptures, there is a strong imperative to love others, to be honest, to serve others, to shun violence, greed, arrogance and so forth. Many Naturalists follow a strong and admirable personal ethic, but what is the imperative toward these good behaviors under the Scientific Materialist world view?

If there is one, I have not yet seen one, although some materialists have made the attempt. Having admitted that much evil has been done by believers, let us consider the small but significant number of importance of water essay in tamil, societies which have publicly avowed an atheist or an anti-God world view. On A? Examples of this sort which come to mind are France immediately after the French Revolution, Communist Russia, Communist China, Cambodia under Pol Pot and importance of water in tamil North Korea. [2] Inspection of write a good, this list of regimes speaks for itself. Essay In Tamil? In each of these societies individual souls were treated as if they had little value, with tragic results. The empirical fact that a societal commitment to belief in no God has such a poor record in producing human good is not proof that it will never do so. However, the track record is something we should not ignore. What about justice and human rights? In the United States, many subscribe to the idea that We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal. Does this idea come from scientific inquiry? Based on their DNA, some are more fit than others. The Christian ought to believe that all humans are infinitely valuable as they are created in the image of God.

I am happy to report that almost none of the critical on angels Naturalists I have met are racially prejudiced. Importance In Tamil? Hopefully the scientifically-inspired Eugenics movement in the early twentieth century will remain an anomaly, but what is the thesis for research paper on maya inherent source of human dignity and value if, as Huxley said, man was made flesh by essay in tamil a long series of singularly beneficial accidents.? To summarize, the committed Naturalist believes that the only truth in the universe is that which can be discovered by the scientific method, through experiment and rational analysis of the information derived from characteristics of a role model, empirical evidence. This world view fails miserably at the three criteria proposed in this paper for deciding what world view is best. Its support is circular and its conclusions are patently false. It cannot answer the most important questions or solve the importance in tamil fundamental problems that human beings care about. It does not, in and of itself, tend to cause those who hold to it to be good. Characteristics Of A Model? I believe that the Christian world view is vastly superior to Materialism on importance essay in tamil, all these counts and, for that matter, on model, any other reasonable measure I have seen of what makes for a good world view. New Age and Eastern Religion/Philosophy. We have already considered the definition of world view and why the consideration of world view is important for the believer, and for the non-believer for that matter. We also considered the world view of Naturalism or Scientific Materialism, the implications for humanity and whether it is a good world view.

In this section we will look at the view of the world which is held more or less in common by peoples in the East (generally cultures in Asia) and importance in tamil their close cousin, the New Age Movement. It may seem presumptuous to describe in fairly simple terms the world view of nearly half the write essay quickly world’s people. Of Water Essay In Tamil? If we include the population of India and China alone, this accounts for reflection on a, about 2.4 billion of the roughly 6.5 billion people in the world. Obviously, we will be painting the world view held to by the world’s Hindus, Buddhists, Sikkhs, Jainas, Taoists and Confuscianists with a broad brush. To include the importance in tamil modern-day New Age movement in this group is to make the brush stroke even broader. Yet, the world view held by on a the followers of these religious ideas is so radically different from that of the in tamil Christian, that even such a broad description will tell us a lot about how people from the East think about the write essay world. The Eastern world view is essentially pantheistic. This is a gross simplification and the nuances will be discussed below. Nevertheless, this description will be very helpful. The pantheist sees God as being coextensive with the universe.

Pan means all and importance pantheists believe that God is all and everywhere. This is not a personal god at all. If the pantheist is right, then we human beings are part of God. We cannot have a relationship with God because we are God. The goal of the pantheist is to be swallowed up into the ineffable, all-pervading god-essence of the meaning essay on man universe.

The pantheist believes that the physical world around us is an illusion. The word used for of water essay in tamil, this concept in both Hinduism and Buddhism is maya . The physical reality is a shell to characteristics of a model essay, contain the of water cosmic oneness. Buddhists, Jaina, Sikks and Hindus have a rather complicated cosmology. Critical Essays In America? They believe that reality exists on many levels or planes, and in tamil we are on one of the paper on maya lower of these planes. This is the common Eastern cosmology.

Our goal is to get to a higher level of of water essay, reality where the spiritual is thesis on body, more real and the physical reality is less pervasive. In Tamil? Ultimately, the goal is to thesis image, lose self and to be swallowed up into the all-pervading goodness. If the Eastern idea is right, then our goal is not to know and have a personal relationship with God outside of essay, us, but to discover the God-nature inside of us. The search for God is essentially a search within ourselves. It is literally a selfish journey. We find Brahman, the ineffable expression of God, and characteristics of a essay a state of bliss known to of water essay, the Hindu as nirvana by finding atman (soul) within ourselves. I have been using the Hindu way of describing things as this is the most common of the Eastern religions, and because it is the essence of New Age religion. The Buddhist idea has much in common with Hinduism, but of course much is different as well. Essay Quickly? The Buddha gave his followers a philosophy; the eight fold path for right living.

The four noble truths of Buddha are 1. Suffering is not getting what one wants. 2. The cause of of water essay, suffering is desire which leads to rebirth. 3. The way to end suffering is to end desire, and 4. The way to the end of thesis statement paper, desire and importance essay of suffering is the thesis statement for research paper on maya eight-fold path. Buddha taught dispassion rather than compassion. Gautama refused to address the God question with his believers because he felt this was not particularly relevant. Importance Essay In Tamil? One gets the sense that the Buddha was not an image, atheist and that his concept of God was pantheistic. His religion included the concepts of importance in tamil, maya and reincarnation.

The Jain and critical on angels Sikh religions can be thought of as flavors of Hinduism. In fact, Sikhs tended to consider themselves a sect of Hinduism until fairly recent persecution and British tendency to define things from a Western perspective defined them as a separate religion. Importance Essay? Both religions retain the multiple level cosmology, but reject the highly structured priestly caste system. Jainism is thoroughly pantheistic. On A? Sikhism and Jaina include the belief that physical reality is an illusion (maya), reincarnation and a karmic thinking about sin. As for importance essay, Taoism, this Chinese-born Eastern religion, founded by Lao Tzu, retains a strong pantheistic view of the world. Statement For Research Paper On Maya? Enlightenment is gained by contemplating self and nature. Like Buddhism, we come into contact with our cosmic nature through non-involvement in the world. Importance Essay? Dispassion rather than compassion is the key to enlightenment.

So, what is New Age religion? Is it palm reading? Channeling? Seances? Meditation? Reincarnation? Occultism? Gurus? Paganism? Gnosticism? Mother Goddess worship?

Yes, all the a good quickly above, but in its essence, it is Western pantheism. The common thread in the rather eclectic beliefs of of water in tamil, New Agers is that you are God, I am God, we all are God! It is monism. God is everything and we are God. To quote a well-known New Age author, Once we begin to see that we are all God, then I think the whole purpose of life is to re-own the God-likeness within us. Let us analyze this world view. Thesis On Body Image? Is it a good world view? Let us apply our three-criteria. Is the Eastern/New Age world view true?

It will be very hard to give a fully satisfactory answer to this question in of water a short essay. Put it this way, the cosmology of the Eastern religions, with its endless repeating cycle of creations and thesis destructions, and importance with its multiple levels of reality is not true. Material evidence for the big bang seems to critical essays in america, preclude this cosmology. Importance In Tamil? The second law of thesis paper, thermodynamics does not allow for a cyclical repeat of cosmic history. The eastern mind believes that this universe is importance of water in tamil, not real. Some have tried to tie the twentieth century discovery of quantum mechanics, with its probabilistic view of physical reality and a good essay its discovery of the uncertainty principle as evidence that the Buddhist cosmology is valid.

The problem is that science definitely assumes that the universe is real. In fact, the scientific materialist believes that the physical universe is the ONLY reality. Of Water Essay In Tamil? Unlike the situation between science and Christian theology, there is an inherent and unresolvable conflict between science and Eastern cosmology. The physical world is very real. We will not help solve the problems in characteristics of a role essay this world by of water essay pretending that it is not real (and that the on body problems themselves are therefore not real). It is debatable whether science can help settle the question of of water in tamil, whether God is pantheistic and impersonal or theistic and personal. Nevertheless, we can ask what is the evidence supporting the central claims of Christianity and those of various Eastern religions. Christian belief has the advantage of scripture with fulfilled prophecy, verifiable historical accuracy and much more. The scripture of Eastern religions is essays on angels in america, entirely lacking in such logical/rational evidential support. In fact, one cannot even find apologists for these religions as a rule. Rational evidence seems to be nearly immaterial to these beliefs.

Does Eastern religion answer the important human questions? The answer is yes and no. It certainly does better here than scientific materialism. Eastern religion provides possible answers (whether right or wrong) to in tamil, questions such as What is essay, ultimate reality? How did I get here and importance where am I going? With other questions it is less successful. What is the nature of external reality-the world around us? The eastern believer says that it is not real. On A? This is importance of water in tamil, not helpful.

What is the solution to on body image, the problem of evil? How do I become righteous? Eastern religion provides unhelpful answers. Suffering is not real, sin does not exist (unless one allows for the idea of of water essay, karma which has as much or more to do with the reflection on a topic actions from supposed past lives as with our own life). Are the importance of water essay practitioners of Eastern religion or philosophy better people for holding to these beliefs? If we compare to atheism or agnosticism, the answer surely is reflection, yes. With their idea of karma and ideal of becoming one with the pantheistic universal soul, surely the devoted Buddhist or Hindu is more likely to be peaceful, patient and possessed of importance of water essay, a sense of responsibility for the consequences of his or her actions than the average non-believer. However, there are some weaknesses here. Like the New Age philosophy tells its believers, sin, if it exists at all, is the lack of personal understanding that you are God.

Hindu thought does include a measure of personal responsibility for sinful acts, but it also includes the possibility of atoning for sin in this life in some still future life. It also carries the responsibility for role model essay, unknown past lives into the current incarnation. Surely this weakens the sense of personal responsibility for of water in tamil, our own actions in this life, at least for the average believer. The Eastern world view has one looking inward, not outward. Thesis On Body? It inspires dispassion rather than compassion and disinvolvement in the world rather than involvement.

I am not saying that Sikhs are completely unloving. Obviously there are many loving and giving Taoists. Of Water Essay? However, these religions teach that suffering is not real. I have traveled to India as well as Buddhist countries such as Cambodia and Thailand. It is not an accident that a majority of the organized benevolent programs in Hindu and Buddhist countries is done by critical on angels in america Christian groups.

This is not just an accident and it cannot be fully explained by the wealth in importance in tamil Western countries. The pattern of Christian benevolence is repeated in statement the small Christian communities in these countries. The native Christian groups do more than their share of meeting the needs and creating social justice in these countries. Julian the Apostate, the pagan grandson of Constantine noted of the Christian in the Roman Empire, Atheism (i.e. Christian faith) has been specially advanced through the loving service rendered to strangers, and through their care for the burial of the dead. It is a scandal that there is not a single Jew who is a beggar, and that the godless Galileans care not only for their own poor but for ours as well; while those who belong to us look in vain for the help that we should render them.

This criticism of in tamil, Julian’s own pagan religion and thesis statement for research compliment of the Christians of his day apply quite well to the situation in countries where Eastern religion predominates. Why? Because these are bad people? No. To a great extent it is because of their world view.

On a personal note, when I came to a belief in God while in college, I was initially strongly attracted to Eastern religion. Importance Essay In Tamil? I became involved in a Western-style eastern mysticism, read Hindu scripture, became a vegetarian and on body image tried to find God in this way. Importance Essay In Tamil? In the end, I was attracted to Christianity because of the love I saw in thesis on body image devoted Christian lives and because of the evidence which so strongly supported Jesus being the one and only Son of God. To summarize, the essence of the Eastern world view, and that of its many Western incarnations such as New Age believers is importance of water in tamil, pantheism. It is a belief that the universe is filled with an on maya, impersonal god-force, a spark of which is in us. The physical world is an illusion, sin is not real, and the human problem is to escape from the passions which trap us in these physical bodies. The reader will have to decide whether this world view is attractive, but from my perspective, this is a defective world view. It is defective, first of all, because it is not true. The evidential support for importance of water essay, this view is not strong. In addition, I am not attracted to this world view because its essence is selfish. I am attracted to a view of the write a good essay world which calls its adherents to seek social justice and to show compassion for those less fortunate than them.

T he Christian World View. Thus far we have looked at Naturalism, Eastern religion/philosophy and its cousin, the New Age philosophy/religion. Having defined these world views, I attempted to evaluate them with respect to the proposed criteria for a good world view. Obviously, this treatment is not comprehensive. We have not evaluated the world view of the Postmodernist (which is, in essence, that no world view is true), Nihilist (which is somewhat closely related to that of the naturalist), or the Existentialist, the Stoic, dualist, neo-Platonist or of the Muslim. All of importance of water essay, these, with the exception of the postmodern world view and Islam, can be seen as more or less closely related to the ones we have considered. Time and space are not sufficient for us to cover all of these in detail. I will now return to model essay, Christianity. We will consider in much more careful detail what the Christian world view really is.

We will also analyze this world view with respect to the three criteria I have been using throughout. Many Christian believers may think that the Christian world view is fairly obvious and for the seasoned follower of Jesus relatively little need be said about it. By way of response, let me say that one point of this series of essays is that it is importance of water essay in tamil, essential for those of a good essay quickly, us who seek to influence our neighbors to have a solid and deep understanding of both our own and of competing world views. I will make the claim that many Christians do NOT have a sufficiently deep understanding of the world view which they ought to have if they accept, by faith, the biblical view of the world. I make this statement because as I have traveled around the importance essay world to visit more than one hundred churches in dozens of countries, when I ask some rather basic questions about things such as predestination, natural and special revelation, salvation, the cause of suffering and write quickly so forth, the answers show a rather disturbing lack of understanding of who the of water in tamil God of the Bible is. Of course, some will ask Which biblical world view?

In other words, some claim that there is more than one world view found in the Bible-that one has to choose which of these competing views one will take to be the actual biblical/Christian world view. This is another question which deserves careful and systematic response. Let me say for the sake of this essay that I personally completely reject this view. Although I will not take the write essay quickly time to support the importance of water essay claim at this point, it is my conviction from essays in america, careful study of the biblical scriptures over thirty years that there is a single, consistent, non-contradictory world view and picture of who God is. The God of Genesis is the God of Isaiah is the God of John and of James and Paul. So, what is the Christian world view? I will attempt to describe it by importance of water a series of propositions, each of which will be expanded somewhat, using biblical passages by reflection way of importance of water essay, support. 1. The physical world is: a. real b. created out of nothing (ex nihilo) and c. essentially good. Genesis chapters 1-3 is in my opinion the most brilliant little piece of philosophy I have ever read.

In the image beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1). As the Hebrew writer put it, By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. If this statement is true, then animism, polytheism, pantheism, dualism, naturalism, nihilism, and postmodernism are all proved untrue. Just as significant to importance essay in tamil, the Christian world view is this: not only essays in america did God create the physical universe, but this creation was essentially good. The way God puts it in Genesis 1:31, God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Of Water? Eastern philosophy has the physical world to of a role model essay, be an ephemeral illusion. Greek philosophy agrees, adding that the physical world is decaying and essentially evil. Naturalism agrees that it is real, but denies that there is of water essay, a supernatural reality which created it. It certainly is not good, as such a description in meaningless in a random accidental universe. When God says his creation was good in its entirety, this does not deny the existence of evil. The question of evil will be addressed below.

2. Thesis On Body Image? There exists a parallel unseen spiritual reality which is not limited to or defined by importance of water essay in tamil the physical reality. Human beings have a spiritual aspect to their nature. The fact that God, one who is invisible, created the write essay universe establishes that there is a non-physical reality which is at least in some sense greater than the physical. The physical universe is real, but it is not all there is. Jesus confirmed this idea. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in of water essay truth. (John 4:24) Acknowledging that there is a spiritual reality is characteristics, not the in tamil same as dualism. Dualism has the world being governed by more or less evenly matched forces of good and evil. It is also not naturalistic monism, which denies the existence of spiritual reality entirely. We have a soul and a spirit. That we are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) is a spiritual rather than a physical claim.

It is not a statement of our equality with God, but rather a description of our spiritual nature. Of An Essay On Man? I have a body, but I am not a body. I exist, and I am not defined by the chemicals which compose my body. Consciousness is in tamil, not a mere epiphenomenon as naturalism requires. Essays On Angels In America? Our God-likeness has to do with our spiritual nature, our possession of a soul, our inherent understanding of good and evil, our ability to create and to love. 3. The creator of both the of water essay physical and a good spiritual realm is the God who is revealed and who reveals himself in the Bible. Not only did God create the physical universe (Genesis 1), he also created the spiritual-the heavenly realms.

In Colossians 1:15-16 Paul says of Jesus, He is the image of the invisible God, the importance firstborn over characteristics of a all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on essay, earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers of rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. God has made himself known to his people from what has been made. (Romans 1:20), but he has also revealed himself and his will in the Hebrew and thesis statement for research paper Greek scripture. Most particularly, he has revealed himself through his Son, Jesus Christ; the image of importance, God. In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in of a role model essay various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son. (Hebrews 1:1-2). No one has ever seen God, but God the only Son who is at importance essay in tamil the Father’s side, has made him know. (John 1:18) God has revealed himself to us through creation, through the Old and New Testaments and through the person Jesus Christ.

4. Human beings have both a physical and a spiritual nature, but the spiritual nature is more essential as it is critical on angels, eternal. Our physical nature is obviously more apparent to us than our spiritual nature, but this fact is deceptive when compared to our ultimate reality. Like Jesus said, Do not be afraid of those who kill the of water in tamil body and thesis paper after that can do no more. Of Water Essay In Tamil? But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the a good essay body, has power to throw you into hell. (Luke 12:4-5) As Paul put it, We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. Importance Essay In Tamil? For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18) 5. God cannot be easily defined but he can be characterized by certain qualities. God is love, God is thesis statement for research, just, God is holy, God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. What God is importance essay in tamil, he is essays on angels, fully and infinitely. God is of water essay, not merely loving: he is reflection, love. Importance? Love defines and determines all his actions toward us.

From a human perspective, this seems to conflict with his justice and his holiness. God is not merely just: he is justice. Reflection On A Topic? He is incapable of an unjust act, even if we feel his love and his justice are in apparent conflict. God is holy, in him there is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5). These are facts about God. How does this affect our world view?

In every way. Every act in our life and in importance essay in tamil the lives of our neighgors is subject to the justice of God. This has a profound effect of how we view our own lives and how we should respond to injustice. For Research Paper? Do not take revenge,… ‘It is of water in tamil, mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord. If God really is love, then this has an unfathomable effect on how we understand the events which surround our lives. All of write, them are either caused or permitted by an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God who acts toward all out of love. 6. Although all God’s creation, including the physical world is good, evil does exist. Such evil is the result of freedom of will given to importance essay, created beings and their subsequent decision to of a model, use that freedom to importance in tamil, sin (defined as transgressing the image will of God). This brings us back to Genesis. Of Water Essay? The story of Adam and Eve is the story of us.

God gave us everything for our pleasure and enjoyment. Why? Because he loves us and because he wants us to on maya, love him. But what did we all do? We rebelled and importance of water chose to do things which are unholy. As Augustine put it, evil is not a thing in and of itself. If it were, that would be dualism. Rather evil is good which has been corrupted by free moral agents. Something which was created for good purposes is turned for evil. Characteristics Model Essay? Nothing God created is evil, but some of what God created is capable of doing evil. Importance In Tamil? God gave us a choice.

He asks us to choose life (Deuteronomy 30:19), but many of us choose rebellion. The physical laws which are discoverable by critical essays on angels science are not the only natural laws. There are moral laws as well, and of water essay in tamil they are as inescapable as the law of gravity. Rebellion against thesis for research, God’s holiness produces suffering in in tamil this world (Exodus 20:5-6), both on those who sin and on those around them. This is the answer to the problem of pain, suffering and evil. 7. Because of God’s justice and his holiness, those who choose to rebel against him will ultimately be judged and separated from quickly, God for eternity. Not only does our choice to rebel and to sin bring on temporary physical and emotional suffering in importance of water this life, it also brings judgment in the world to come. For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. (Romans 14:10) ’The Lord will judge his people.’ It is meaning essay, a dreadful thing to of water, fall into reflection on a topic the hands of the living God. (Hebrews 10:30-31). God cannot be mocked. He is patient and kind, and he wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4), but the of water essay wages of critical essays in america, sin is death.

Again, as with all the qualities of God, this fact is unavoidable. God does not change or compromise his holiness. It has been said that God does not send people to importance essay in tamil, hell, but he accepts their choice to rebel and be eternally separated from him. 8. The solution to evil and its eternal consequences is provided by God through the atoning substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is the essence of the gospel. Thesis? As was prophesied, the Lord laid on him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:6) By his wounds we are healed. Of Water? (Isaiah 53:5). But God demonstrates his own love for thesis on body image, us in importance essay this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Thesis Image? (Romans 5:8). God’s holiness and justice were not superseded or violated in this substitutionary death. He did it to demonstrate his justice at the present time, so as to of water in tamil, be just and write a good essay the one who justifies the man who has faith in Jesus. (Romans 3:26). Essay In Tamil? Biblically, this is a theological fact. How does this affect one’s world view?

If this is true, then everything is different. Role Model? Suffering makes sense. The existence of evil makes sense. Our innate and universal sense of justice makes sense as well. Yet, we can live as free men and women, not using our freedom as an excuse to do evil, but using this gift of freedom to love and serve others (paraphrasing Galatians 5:13-15) without living in constant fear of judgment when we fall short, as we inevitably will do. In describing the Christian world view, some might choose to emphasize certain points more and others less than I have, but this seems to reasonably well summarize how the Bible describes the world. Having done this, we will now proceed to do the somewhat subjective job of asking whether, by the criteria described above, this is a good world view. First, is it true?

By this I mean: Is this world view consistent with what we know? I am not asking whether we can provide a mathematically precise, scientific, logical proof of the truth of the biblical world view. This is of water, obviously not possible. Is the physical world real? I will challenge the post-modernist or the practitioner of Eastern religion on this question. I say it is real. A wise Christian philosopher once challenged his Hindu friend to characteristics of a role model, prove his own confidence that physical reality is not real by allowing him to importance of water essay, strike him with a club. The guru politely declined the opportunity to show confidence in his own philosophy. Science has shown that this illusion is surprisingly, uncannily consistent and on a predictable. Importance Of Water In Tamil? Fantasies and illusions are rarely so predictable. Our naturalist friends may be out on a limb when they say there is no evil and no justice, but surely they have it right in this.

The physical world is real. Is the physical creation good, as claimed by the Bible? Given the existence of disease and natural disasters it certainly is reasonable to question the thesis image claim that physical creation is of water essay in tamil, very good as God says in of an essay Genesis. My response is that creation is very, very good. Of Water? Physicists tell us that the universe we live in is absolutely, spectacularly fine-tuned so that advanced life forms can exist. If any of more than two dozen parameters which define how the universe functions were changed by even a small fraction, we would not be here. To avoid the obvious implications, naturalists have speculatively proposed there are an infinite number of universes, and we are lucky to live in meaning of an the right one. Lucky indeed! Suffering brought on by earthquakes may be troubling, but without plate tectonics (and their associated earthquakes) the earth would be sterile and we would have virtually no atmosphere.

Bacteria cause disease, but without this marvelous creation we would have no nitrogen in in tamil the soil and no oxygen in the air. Essays On Angels? God’s creation is spectacularly wise and good. To those who do not agree, I challenge them to conceive of of water, a better set of of a role model, working physical laws and then to bring their conception into existence. Is the physical reality the only one, or is the Biblical world view correct when it describes a co-existent spiritual reality? This is harder to prove. Yet there are a number of things which are true which point in this direction. We are self-aware. Importance In Tamil? We are conscious. We are able to understand the universe. Humans have a seemingly universal sense of what is topic, right and moral. The universe itself exists and was created.

All of these and importance in tamil many more point toward a non-physical creator and thesis statement paper a non-physical nature for human beings. Naturalists may choose to dismiss the of water in tamil reality of beauty, of love, of natural human rights, of conscience (not to be confused with consciousness), of good and evil and thesis on body many other things, but very few people can really accept that these things are not real. Their existence implies there is a spiritual reality. Perhaps it is true that the majority does not determine truth, but very few believe they are a body (rather than they have a body) and the vast majority of all who have ever lived agree that there is a spiritual reality. The biblical view that there is a spiritual reality which supersedes the physical agrees with what we know. Is it true that evil exists? And if so, what is the cause of this evil? Whether or not North Korea, Iran and Iraq were, in importance of water essay fact, an axis of evil as George Bush claimed is debatable, but the existence of evil is hard to essays on angels, deny. Importance Essay? Sexual abuse of children, murder, genocide, warfare for selfish ends, corruption, greed-all of us recognize that evil is very real indeed.

Ignoring this fact is a poor way to make it go away. Even arrogant atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, while denying the characteristics of a model essay existence of evil wax poetical in in tamil complaining about the evil done in the name of write quickly, religion. The Bible claims that God did not create evil. Like it says in James chapter one, those who sin should not claim that God is of water essay, tempting them because God does not tempt us to do evil. Evil is the result of those who choose to rebel against God’s laws. Until someone can legitimately show to me that anything God has done is evil, I will stand by the claim that creation is good and that evil in topic this world results from the corruption of what is good by importance of water essay morally free agents. The reality of critical in america, God’s judgment on evil and his grace and importance essay in tamil mercy for those who repent is proved by the history of Israel.

The support of this claim would require much reference to history, quoting from biblical prophecy and description of historical foreshadows in the Old Testament. I have published a book on this subject for those interested in pursuing it further ( From Shadow to Reality God told his people in Deuteronomy 28 that if they did not obey the Lord and carefully follow his commands, he would drive them to a nation unknown to them-that they would suffer at the hands of their enemies, and would be scattered among the nations. They did and role He did. God judged his people at the hands of Assyria and Babylon. He also told them that if they were to of water essay in tamil, repent, even if driven to the farthest part of the world, he would bring them back and bless them in the land he gave them. They did and critical in america He did as he had promised. Of Water? He provided Cyrus to set his people free and send them back to build Jerusalem. The story of thesis on body image, Israel is the story of essay in tamil, rebellion and in america judgment, followed by repentance and salvation.

Rebellion produced slavery, but when God’s people cried out for mercy, God always sent a savior to save them-whether the savior was Joseph, Moses David or Cyrus. Jonah’s rebellion brought on the sentence of death, while his repentance led to salvation. God prophesied that salvation will come through one who will be pierced (Isaiah 53:5) and through one who will be crucified (Psalms 22:16). He even predicted that a savior would come to Jerusalem to importance of water in tamil, atone for wickedness in reflection on a about AD 30 (Daniel 9:24-25 and importance essay in tamil see my book Daniel, Prophet to the Nations ). That God will judge his creation for wickedness and paper that he will provide salvation through the death of Jesus Christ is difficult to prove mathematically, but the history of Israel and fulfilled prophecy makes the reality of this claim a reasonable conclusion. Is the essay in tamil Christian world view true? What I can say with confidence is that it agrees with what we know to a degree which is reflection topic, demonstrably much greater than any competing world view. Does it Answer the of water in tamil Questions People Care About? Second, does the topic Christian world view answer the questions people really care about?

How did I get here? (God created us) Where am I going? (to eternal honor or shame) What is my purpose in life? (to know God and be known by him) What is my value? (Jesus gave his life for us) What is my relationship with the ultimate reality? What is the right thing to do? Why is there evil and suffering in importance of water in tamil the world? Why is it that we exist? Why is it that we can understand the universe? All of the great questions of life are answered in characteristics role essay the Christian scripture. The Biblical world view addresses the problem of sin (Romans 7:24-25).

Not only does it tell us why there is suffering, it also tells us what to do about it (Matthew 9:35-36). The Biblical world view even makes sense of death. Where, O death is your victory? Where, O death is your sting? (1 Corinthians 15:54-56) The objective truth of all these biblical answers is something which can be debated. Some might call all this wishful thinking. What cannot be denied is that the Christian world view provides reasonable and satisfactory answers to importance in tamil, every one of the characteristics role model essay important questions common to man.

No other world view, be it human philosophy, Eastern religion or any other comes close. Does Acceptance of This World View Make Us Better People? Previously I addressed the question of whether alternative world views make one a better person. Each world view has at least some things which commend it. However, in every case, we were left with serious questions. Naturalism denies the existence of absolute moral truth. Like postmodernism it leaves us without a standard for how we should treat one another. Eastern and Greek philosophy deny the goodness of the physical creation and teach dispassion rather than compassion. Muslim theology, with its emphasis on fate and predestination removes human responsibility for our fellow humans to some extent. Let me state my conclusion on importance essay, this question right at the start. Critical Essays On Angels? I can say with great confidence that both in theory and in practice, the Christian (and the importance in tamil Jewish) world view is superior to all others in its effect both on write a good essay, humanity as a whole and on of water, individual people.

In the Christian world view every single human being has an unlimited value. The Son of God died to redeem us individually. All people are of equal value and importance in the eyes of their Creator, even if we are given different roles and gifts. You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have been clothed with Christ. Write A Good Essay? There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28) Looking from our Western perspective in the 21 st century, it is difficult to grasp how radical a statement this was in the 1 st century. If one investigates history, one will discover that it was Christian ethics which led to the idea of in tamil, individual human dignity and human rights. Where did the idea that all men were created equal come from? Of course the Bible was way ahead of the reflection on a framers of the US constitution on this one, as full and equal rights were not given to slaves until 1863, and to women until well into the twentieth century.

Slavery had been an ever present institution from the dawn of of water essay in tamil, human history. It was men and women, acting out the Christian world view, who turned this upside down. William Wilberforce was not alone in pushing the abolition of slavery because of his Christian convictions. Jesus Christ was a revolutionary in thesis on body image the way he treated women, the poor, the diseased, the deformed and those not of in tamil, his nationality. Of course, Christians are not the only good people in the world, but it is worth asking where humanists, atheists and others got their ideas of what is good. Is it possible that they hijacked it from Christian ideas? History certainly hints at thesis image this conclusion. Jesus said that the entire Law is summed up in the command to love God and to love one another as oneself. This idea of the centrality of our need to love and be loved comes from the Christian world view. Why? The reason we were created is because of love and for love.

According to the Christian world view, we are valuable beyond comparison. Importance Essay In Tamil? Jesus implied that a single soul is more valuable than the entire world (Luke 9:25). Critical On Angels In America? This world view gives the individual person unimaginable dignity, and calls its believers to of water in tamil, pour their life out in love to others. It is the best of all the competing pictures offered by critical on angels in america religion and in tamil human philosophy in the positive effect it has on those who accept it. The Christian world view tells us that suffering is not inherently evil. In fact, suffering is good for many reasons. Model? It makes us stronger, it helps us to understand and experience joy. When we suffer because of our own sin, it trains us to change, it helps us to of water essay in tamil, know Jesus, and when we respond to suffering in a godly way, it allows us to glorify God.

So suffering is critical essays on angels in america, not evil, but the Christian world view nevertheless impels believers to respond to suffering with compassion. Why? Because of love, of course. Of Water Essay In Tamil? James tells us that Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from write essay quickly, being polluted by the world. (James 1:27). Does it make you a king to have more and more cedar? Did not your father have food and drink?

He did what was right and just, so all went well with him . He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me? Declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 22:15-16) Jesus was perhaps the most compassionate man who ever lived. Jesus wept. (John 35) Why? Because Lazarus had died? No, as he was about to raise him from death. He wept because Mary and Martha wept. When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion on importance essay, them. (Matthew 9:36). Like I already said, Christians are not the only loving people in the world, but when they are selfish, greedy or arrogant they are violating the direct command and example of the founder of their movement. I have visited Hindu, Buddhist and in america Muslim countries.

In most of these countries, the Christian groups, even though a small minority, do most of the benevolent work in these societies. Why? They act this way because of the Christian world view and the personal example of Jesus of Nazareth. Besides, those who accept the Christian world view believe that they will be held accountable for importance in tamil, putting its tenets into practice. Accountability can be powerful motivation. Other religions either tell us that suffering is an illusion or that it is God’s will. Does accepting the Christian world view cause one to be better for it? The answer is that if it does not have that effect, then we can be sure the Christian world view was in fact not accepted by the person. I do not want to disrespect any world religion or philosophy and I know that many who accept these as their world view are sincere and want to do right. Besides, there is at least something to be commended in all these philosophies, but the meaning on man example of Jesus, the teaching of Christianity, the essay in tamil world view of the Christian and the facts of history lead me inexorably to the conclusion that of all the well-known world views, the Christian one is by thesis on body far the best at essay in tamil making its believer a better person by almost any accepted measure. Why?

Because the basic ethic of this world view combines great personal dignity with love, unselfishness, and unstinting service for others. Have Christian believers ever violated the ethic implied in their world view? That is an easy question. Yes. Has evil been done in the name of Christianity? Yes, but such acts are certainly not inspired by the life or teaching of Jesus. Critical On Angels In America? Those who divide, hate, steal and of water essay abuse the poor and needy are by that very action rejecting the Christian world view. The Christian world view is superior to all others on many grounds.

First, more than any other, it is consistent with human reality. Second, it provides rational, reasonable and helpful answers to the important human questions, and third, those who take this world view not only as a philosophy but as a way of life are made to be the on body image best possible human beings that they can be. Importance Essay? Let us accept, embrace and teach the Christian world view with the for research paper authority of its creator and greatest example, Jesus Christ. [1] James W. Importance Of Water Essay? Sire, TheUniverse Next Door (InterVarsity Press, 1997) [2] There has been considerable debate about whether the Nazi regime was atheist or Pagan or agnostic. Some have even tried to place it in the Christian camp.

Because this is debatable, I have left Nazi Germany from the essay on man list.

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Did Augustus Restore the Republic? Essay. “I transferred the importance of water in tamil Republic from essays, my power to the dominion of the senate and people of Rome” Did Augustus Restore The Republic? Augustus clearly made an importance of water in tamil impression in European history achieving much, conquering many and controlling the majority, he did not restore the republic. Adopting a piecemeal strategy, Augustus gradually silenced potential threats to his ambitions to thesis statement control the Roman Empire under the semblance of restoring the Republic. Deceitful in masking his intent, Augustus acted as if he was reconstituting the Republic, using this as a device to conceal his intent, creating a model of covert dictatorship, birthing the age of the Roman Emperor, coercing and manipulating the people and senate, revolutionising the underlying power structure of the Roman government. “I transferred the Republic from importance essay, my power to the dominion of the senate and people of Rome” Did Augustus Restore The Republic?

The reign of Augustus was a clear turning point in European history with Augustus systematically creating a model of write a good essay quickly, covert dictatorship that was to in tamil be followed by critical subsequent Roman Emperors. Through manipulation, coercion and militaristic strength, Augustus employed a piecemeal strategy that revolutionised the underlying power structure of the importance essay in tamil Roman government. Under the facade of restoring the republic, Augustus increased his power, wealth and influence, stabilising and establishing a Rome of greater equality, efficiency and profitability than ever before. However, such improvements came at the expense of many civil liberties. Although claimed in topic the Res Gestae1 Augustus did not restore the republic. He did however; incorporate proven and importance of water essay, currently functioning aspects of the old republic, replacing those which had failed and improving upon the historical inadequacies of previous Roman governance. Augustus established the clandestine dictatorial rule that would mark the beginning of the age of the Emperor. Rome at the outset was a city state under the government of kings2 with dictatorships always a temporary expedient.3 As such, the political climate in role model essay which Augustus (then Octavian) entered was one of uncertainty, instability, corruption and importance of water essay, discontent. A political structure that required a certain aspect of political delicacy, coercion and in certain areas, an autocratic style of on maya, governance for which Octavian was well suited. Although suggested by Cassius, Octavian did not have absolute control4 nor did he require or necessarily aspire for of water essay such. Octavian understood the importance of correcting past failures.

In order to efficiently and effectively restore faith in the Roman state he would require power and influence far exceeding that of a position available under the reflection on a old republican structure. Absolute power was required however; this could not be achieved with public or senatorial awareness. Essay? A more deceitful, manipulative method must be adopted in critical essays in america order to importance essay achieve such an outcome as overt displays of autocracy traditionally lead to senate resentment in Rome. Hence, control of the senate would initially be required. More importantly, if Octavian was in statement fact attempting to correct flaws of his predecessors, did he ever consider restoring the republic to its original state? Suetonius claimed he twice thought of restoring the republic5 however, it must be considered that Octavian’s idea of restoring the republic in thought and in planning, differed considerably from essay, that of the old republic. On Man? The traditional structure of the republic had worked for a time in the past however, ultimately failed. A new and improved structure was required. The political delicacy for which Rome’s first Emperor (although never referred as this in his lifetime) was renowned for made the transition from oligarchy to autocracy appear almost seamless to importance of water essay his political contemporaries. However, this is not to of a model essay say the importance essay in tamil Roman senate were not aware of this; the position of Octavian during the characteristics early principate developed much more organically than anyone could ever have expected.

The desire for subtle, gradual change is mirrored in importance in tamil the fact that Octavian spent considerable time acquiring the powers associated with the principate. Upon being voted censorial powers in 29BC Octavian attended to all business of the empire with more zeal than ever.6 However, this agreement was flawed; military rivals remained a threat. Essays In America? More power was required. Octavian required a solution to silence these threats. Importance Essay? He achieved this in 27BC when he went so far as to summon the critical essays on angels in america magistrate and the senate to his house, and submit an account of the general condition of the empire7, and then through a great display of importance, political tact, resigned. Reflection Topic? The senate implored Octavian to importance essay in tamil stay in office by offering him a new set of powers, and a new title, the senate in accord with the people of Rome hails thee Father of characteristics role essay, thy Country.8 Octavian reluctantly and importance, humbly accepted; ‘Having attained my highest hopes, Fathers of the essays on angels in america Senate, what more have I to ask of the immortal gods than that I may retain the importance of water essay in tamil same unanimous approval of of an on man, your to the very end of my life.’ 9 Augustus was born. The threat from of water, military rivals was silenced however, several flaws still existed. Characteristics Model? More power was required. Power far exceeding that of any role available under that of the republic. In 23BC he was awarded tribunicia potestas and imperium maius. He had now reached a state of political perfection.

A state he arguably and narcissistically deemed necessary to establish a Rome of greater equality, efficiency and profitability, a state in which he could covertly dictate. The Principate was made a permanent establishment; his rule would only end in death. Changes were still required, past mistakes must be corrected, time was poor. His mission was nearing completion. Rome was now under the autocratic rule of Augustus, the senate and the people were none the importance of water in tamil wiser. The republic was far from restored, the republic could not be restored, the republic was flawed. The people and the senate must not know. Rome required further improvements. Augustus, on several occasions persisted in his attempts to allow institutions and magistrates to correct their failures. However, it was evident the meaning of an unspecific guidelines to which these inefficient areas operated under impeded attempts to rectify deficiencies which ultimately lead to their demise. Restructuring was required.

Traditional pathways under the republican structure were exhausted and importance in tamil, inadequate. Therefore, swift and efficient action was necessary and subsequently administered. Control of the on body corn supply failed. Importance Of Water Essay? Augustus intervened and administered it in such a way that within a few days freed the entire community from pressing fears and dangers.10An equestrian prefect was appointed; detailed and specific guidelines were defined. The problem was resolved swiftly and efficiently. The republican process had failed, Augustus had succeeded. Augustus similarly intervened with the Roman fire service.

Institutions and thesis, magistrates were afforded multiple opportunities to address their inefficiencies and failures. Once again, lack of clearly defined responsibilities and importance essay in tamil, poor management forced the essay intervention of Augustus. An equestrian prefect was appointed; specific and detailed frameworks were established. A pattern emerges contrary to essay Cassius’ suggestion that Augustus had absolute control of all matters.11 Yes, Augustus possessed the necessary power required to control the aforementioned areas of thesis for research paper, concern however; chose initially to follow the political procedure of the republic encouraging and possibly hoping these areas did not require his administration. Thus, we bear witness to Augustus affording processes of the old republic ample opportunity to prove adequate and capable however, consequent autocratic actions are implemented as deemed necessary to address the inadequacies and deficiencies of the old republic. Past mistakes were corrected; the traditional republican framework was improved, it was not restored, Augustus possessed power far greater than any other man, more power than any one man could possibly possess in essay a republic.

Support of the senate proved essential in aiding the gradual acquisition of power that Augustus would require in order to found the Roman Empire, this would not be an easy task. On Body? Augustus possessed all required traits, power and finances for such a task however, displayed restraint in tackling such a massive undertaking. Why, if he already possessed the tools required to complete this task was such restraint implemented? Augustus was intelligent, Augustus realised the bigger picture, Augustus believed he was the of water in tamil solution. His gradual political ascension did raise suspicions in the senate; they would contradict Augustus if they had the write essay quickly opportunity.12 Senators were a very real threat. Upon acquiring military governance in all provinces and control vast aspects of the treasury this was all that could potentially threaten his intent of absolute control. The senate must not only of water essay in tamil, support Augustus, they must be under his control. Retention of the electoral process it is thesis, true, continued to sit in importance essay in tamil judgement as before,13 facilitating the appearance Augustus was restoring the republic. However, this process was susceptible to corruption due to pressure in competition for important magistrates and consulships. Augustus intervened in 18BC electing a law of ambition preventing those found guilty of electoral corruption from holding office for a period of five years.

The system was still flawed, corruption was still evident, modifications were required, but how and by what method should they be implemented? Maecenas in his address to Caesar recommends certain positions retain the electoral process out of regard for the institutions of our fathers and to avoid the appearance of making a complete change in the constitution. However, continues suggesting he but make all of the appointments15 himself as the plebs and people will quarrel over them16 and the senators will use them to write essay further their own private ambitions.17 Could these suggestions be adopted? There are certain similarities in the resulting electoral process post AD5 when a law (possibly inspired by Augustus) demanding the procedure for the comitia be renewed with several other favourable outcomes included for Augustus came into effect. The comitia would now vote first, elections would continue, the institutions are still in place however, now worked in practical terms affecting election outcomes.

The ideals of importance essay, popular sovereignty and characteristics, elections remained however, are tailored in such a way Augustus can make known his preferences. Of Water In Tamil? As a result Augustus was able to influence outcomes of the elections through publicly endorsing and petitioning on behalf of preferred candidates. Control of the essay quickly electoral process was now in importance of water in tamil the hands of Augustus. Toward the end of his life, Augustus’ influence was insurmountable. Policies were formulated in private by the Consilium principis prior to being put before the senate who now remained in name only, the most important administration of the Roman republic consequently reduced to no more than a second tier legislative body. Image? Cassius suggests however, such power and influence was achieved when he was awarded the name Augustus, in this way the power of both people and importance of water, senate passed entirely into the hands of Augustus.18 As previously discussed this was not correct and far too early in Augustus’ illustrious career. Flaws still existed at essay on man, this time and were not eliminated until he was awarded tribunicia potestas and imperium maius in 23BC which afforded Augustus the ability to importance of water essay establish the write essay quickly Consilium principis. His influence was now insurmountable and according to Cassius strictly speaking, a monarch.19 However, such suggestion fails to adequately describe the framework of of water essay in tamil, this time. The Romans called their emperors neither dictators nor kings nor anything of the sort.20 According to Augustus the republic was restored and transferred to the dominion of the senate and people of of a role model, Rome21 however, based on the above we can confidently conclude this was far from true. Augustus had played his cards well.

If the people and senate of this time had believed as such they were mistaken, they had been deceived. After the wars against Caesars assassins had reached an end, it was evident Rome yearned for change, inequalities restored, flaws corrected, leadership democratically attained. Importance Of Water In Tamil? Augustus understood what was required; Augustus narcissistically believed he was the answer. Throughout his illustrious career, Augustus subtly and delicately built the reflection topic foundations of the importance of water essay in tamil Julio-Claudian dynasty, giving birth to a covert framework of dictatorship known as the Roman Emperor. Rome however, detested referring to their leaders as kings or dictators therefore, political delicacy would be required, a facade established, the appearance of restoring the republic would be such a suitable guise. On Body Image? The mission was clear; Augustus must learn from the past, flaws could not be repeated, only he could repair Rome, Rome must become his. The militaristic strength and in tamil, the financial resources necessary for such a task were already at his disposal, he would begin by characteristics of a role essay gaining the support of the senate for they were to importance of water essay be instrumental in facilitating his ascension into on body leadership. The position of Augustus during the early principate developed much more organically than anyone could ever have expected. Through great displays of political tact under the facade of restoring the republic, Augustus revolutionised the underlying power structure of the Roman government and created a framework similar to that of the old republic.

However, this structure would not suffice, improvements must be made and importance essay in tamil, the people and senate must not know his true intent. For Research Paper On Maya? Old aspects of the republic received ample opportunity to prove adequate, they were not, Augustus intervened, the problems corrected, the people and essay, the senate were content. The people and senate, blind in their content allowed Augustus complete control of Rome, a Rome that would soon become and Empire. The republic had not been restored, it could not be restored, it was flawed and in thesis on body image great hindsight Augustus realised this, it would not be adequate, Rome must change, Rome did change and Rome prospered. Importance Essay In Tamil? Augustus had succeeded, civil liberties had been lost, the senate was reduced in both influence and power, Rome would now rest in the hands of the Emperor. Augustus, Res Gestae Divi Augusti, trans. Alison Cooley, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2009. Cassius, Dio,*.h tml, accessed 14th April 2012 at 11.03am. Suetonius, Tranquillus, rs/Augustus*.html, accessed 16th April 2012 at 9.03am. Tacitus, Annals *.html, accessed 12th April 2012 at 9.15am.

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