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Write thesis statement beowulf

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a proposal essay The essay topic I have selected is Statistics and Football . I would like to investigate how statistical methods are used in analysis of teams' performance. Write Statement Beowulf! The two articles I will start with are Chance articles: Who's Number 1 in College Football. And How Might We Decide. by H.S. Stern, Chance 8 , 7-14. Consistency and Predictability of Football Results. by case question example, H. Phillips and D. P. Wilburn. These two articles both discuss statistical methods for rating football teams, but from different points of view. The first article proposes an analysis method called least squares for using available data on college football teams to select the overall best college football team in a given year. Write Thesis Beowulf! The second article concentrates on high school football, and defines a numerical measure of essays on booker t washington, consistency and predictability called C-P, which I think is the extent to write, which the better team tends to essays, win. My focus in statement beowulf, the essay will be on the particular techniques used. My goal is to understand as well as I can the use of least squares methods (with reference to the first article) and the C-P measure (with reference to ib extended sheet, the second article). Write Thesis Statement! I will refer to a couple of elementary statistics texts to help me with this, most likely Statistics: Concepts and Controversies . D.S.

Moore (W.H. Freeman): 2nd ed. 1991. Statistics . Freedman, Pisani, Purves, Adhikiri (W.W. Norton): 2nd ed. Thesis! I will also refer to the book Management Science in Sports , eds. Machol, Ladany and Morrison (1976), as it has at least one article related to college football, and may have others. A possible outline for my essay is the following (sections and section headings subject to change): Introduction Summary of Stern's article Technical note on beowulf, least squares Summary of Phllips and Wilburn's article begin Technical note on the C-P measure end Related uses of statistics in essay for british literature, football: (For this I plan to refer to the article Stern, H. (1991) On the probability of winning a football game. The American Statistician 45 , 179--183.) Critique: In this section I will consider whether I think statistical analyses are helpful to understanding the sport of football. Write Beowulf! I will also critique the ib extended essay relevant articles on the basis of their clarity, general interest, and persuasiveness. I will particularly comment on whether or not the articles sparked my interest in exploring the subject further.

Data (tentative) Stern's article has a large table of write thesis, data, and one or two graphical displays might have been very helpful. If I can, I will try to plot some of this data so that the arguments being made stand out visually. Essays! Conclusion. I will use as my references two recent books, and a Chance article: Wringing The Bell Curve , by beowulf, B. Devlin, S.E. Fienberg, D.P. Resnick, and K. Roeder, in Chance 8 , 27--36 (1995) The Bell Curve , by R.J. Herrnstein and C. Murray (1994) New York: The Free Press. Essays On Booker! The Bell Curve Debate. History, Documents and statement beowulf Opinions , edited by R. Jacoby and N. Questions For British Literature! Glauberman (1995) New York: Times Books The first article concentrates on criticizing the statistical techniques used in The Bell Curve . This article doesn't appear to write thesis beowulf, be too technical, so I will try to summarize the main points made in the article. I am not sure it will be feasible to read all of The Bell Curve , especially the technical parts, so I will plan to concentrate on chapters that discuss actual data sources, and paper in indian spend little or no time on the chapters on social policy implications.

The articles in The Bell Curve Debate that I will consider are those that particularly address the statistical arguments that the authors of The Bell Curve use. I would particularly like to see if The Bell Curve is criticized for flaws in its scientific approach, or instead is criticized because the statement beowulf point of view it presents is `politically incorrect'. I also plan to consider at least briefly the history of the debate about genes and intelligence, with reference to writing a persuasive, the eugenics movement in the twenties, views of Arthur Jensen and his collaborators in the sixties, and the current debate generated by Herrnstein and Murray. A tentative outline is: Introduction The Bell Curve 's thesis that intelligence is hereditable: a summary. The data sources and statistical arguments used in The Bell Curve . Critiquing the statistics: discussion of Chance article and relevant articles in The Bell Curve Debate . Statement! The historical context for writing essay, The Bell Curve . What have I learned from all this?

Conclusions. The essay topic I have selected is the link between childhood leukemia and alcohol consumption of the mother during pregnancy that was reported in the Minnesota Star Tribune on Jan.3, 1996, and included in Chance News 5.01 on write, the World Wide Web. Essays! The full text of the article is available online, and reports that researchers found that drinking is associated with a 10-fold increase in the risk of developing acute myeloid leukemia and a 2.3-fold increase in the risk of developing acute lymphoid leukemia. The study was published in the January 2nd issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, and I plan to base my essay on that article. Since I don't know what relative risk is, or how the analysis was carried out, I will need to refer to some articles or textbooks on statistical methods in medicine, which I can hopefully find in thesis statement beowulf, the references to the JNCI article. Fro New! I will also need to find some basic medical information on what acute myeloid leukemia and acute lymphoid leukemia are, and whether there are any other known risk factors for these diseases. I will look for most of the information on the world wide web. I will use as a starting point for finding health-related articles, and which lists several electronic journals on health, including one called ``Cancer causes and control. A tentative outline is the write statement following: Introduction: summary of the newspaper article Summary of the article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute : methods, data collection and writing a persuasive essay prezi conclusions. Technical notes on thesis statement, childhood leukemia and online research submission in indian its causes.

Technical notes on observational studies, relative risk, etc. Potential difficulties/biases in the JNCI study. (tentative): Other effects of write thesis beowulf, pre-natal consumption of alcohol Conclusions.

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anti-sasusaku essay Okay, well, after everyone asking how is write thesis beowulf it that I hate teamate pairings, seeing the SasuSakuers and the NaruSakuers scream at eachother, throwing rocks at Gaara fangirltards, debating with people, analyzing the essay NARUTO storyline and generally stating my anti-NaruSaku and anti-SasuSaku views I've decided to write thesis bring up my own rant. =3. The thing is I really dislike teammate pairings, why? Because of the essays seesaw effect, what is the seesaw effect? Let me explain it to you in statement beowulf, a story. Team #99 is online in indian consisted of Boy #1, Boy #2 and statement beowulf, Girl. Essay Questions For British? They were walking in a playground when Boy #2 spotted a seesaw and thesis statement beowulf, wanted to get on sheet it so Boy1 and write, Boy2 get on two ends of the seesaw.

The boys ask Girl to come over essays, too because she's part of the team. Because Girl is friends with both of the team, she decides to sit in the middle: Now substitute Team #99 with either Team7, Team Gai or Team Kurenai and write beowulf, you will catch my drift and what I'm saying. You see, Shikamaru particularly stands out of his group and on booker, as one of the original genin. He's a genius, he was the only one to become a Chuunin in the fake exams and he went to attack the Akatsuki without the aid of thesis Chouji and Ino. In conclusion, the current situation of Team Asuma looks like this: You see, Sakura's immaturity was especially shown on her relationship with Sasuke and Naruto.

How the example heck is she supposed to mature from that stage of insulting Naruto and favoring Sasuke if she's going to end up with Sasuke? She can't, it just doesn't make sense. Not in the literary sense of things, and not according to my seesaw theory. Its not good symbolism. Write Thesis? Sakura's character development really does revolve around getting over research question, Sasuke. Sakura ending up with Sasuke would show that she entirely revolves around him - exactly like the beginning of write thesis statement Part1 - and case study research, that would be leaving her with a 2Dimensional personality and character development.

Several things. For one, she accepted going out on a date with Naruto. Last time I checked, friends hung out, not dated. If she still liked Sasuke in a romantic way, she would have not accepted going out on write statement beowulf a date with Naruto. That's not all, there's also the scene where Sakura cut her hair. Remember why she grew it out? For Sasuke . Ib Extended Cover Sheet? And what? She cut it. In a way, she is cutting away her feelings for Sasuke. Write Statement Beowulf? Sasuke kept Sakura immature.

Stronger possibly, but not mature. Let's look at the bit after Naruto's battle with Gaara. Proof? Sakura's character development did not start until after Sasuke left. For one, never trust translators, especially when it comes to such a general word like 'love'.

Why? Because its easy to questions argue that Sakura's genuine feelings for Sasuke was just caring for a teammate and having a crush at the same time. This gives gives off the illusion that Sakura actually loves Sasuke, but its what it is, an illusion. Genuine devotion, yes, genuine romantic love, no. Its been hinted at over and over again that Sasuke's savior will be Naruto, and mainly Naruto and I will argue why later. The thing is, Naruto was unconscious, Lee was unconscious.

No one else could have done it, in write thesis statement, fact, they ALL had to be unconscious for Sakura to sheet have that important hair-cutting scene I mentioned before. Besides, the scene happened before Sasuke chose to go with Orochimaru, and statement, I'll get back to writing a persuasive essay that later. I think that proves only even more that that crush is write statement immature because ALL of us are willing to do the same for our first love/crush, I know I did. How many do we actually end up with him? Very, very few, why? Because we mature.

In fact, if Sakura was mature by then, she wouldn't have fallen for for british Sasuke to thesis statement beowulf begin with. If you read 'A Hero of Our Time' you'll understand what I'm talking about. And no, I'm not comparing two works of essays two different artists, I'm using it as an example. No it wasn't. A team7 moment? Yes. A one-sided SasuSaku moment? Yes. A SasuSaku moment? No. If Sakura would have stopped Sasuke, then it would, but she wasn't able to . And even so, when Sakura tried to statement beowulf reason with Sasuke, she used the team as a whole, and thesis technology, I already said that because of the seesaw effect, pairing two teammates together is write statement not good teamwork.

Don't try to essay questions for british literature tell me that it was because Naruto wasn't there. In fact, the reason why Naruto wasn't there was so that there would be more emphasis in the battle between Sasuke and Naruto. Also, Sasuke hesititating. Write Thesis Beowulf? Sasuke only essay prezi, did so to the words 'I love you', hell, it could have been anyone, but because of his loneliness he really reacted to write thesis statement beowulf that. Even so, if Sakura saying that did have meaning to him, they simply weren't enough. Sasuke left. End of story . Naruto's reaction was exactly the essays on booker same. However, the reason why Sai was shocked from Sakura's reaction was because she used the write beowulf same 'smile to conceal intentions' tactic he uses, and that surprised him. The last time she had seen Sasuke was when she declared her supposed feelings for essay questions him, and now she saw Sasuke attempting to kill Naruto behind Orochimaru. Statement? Anybody would have been shocked if only for british, out of statement fear. Besides, even if you look for deeper meaning, it could only too easily mean that she gave up on essay questions for british literature him at that moment.

We really don't know. Yes actually, its called maturing and character development. Hell, NARUTO is all about friendship between the three teammates. Write Thesis Statement? Kishimoto isn't going to throw that away in exchange for romance. This isn't a shojo manga. Close, but no cigar. Online Research Submission? Sasuke and write beowulf, Naruto mentioned their goals, but Sakura only online paper, said her favorite thing was Sasuke and that she hated Naruto.

She never mentioned it was her goal to be with Sasuke . Besides, I think it was mentioned later that Sakura's goal was to statement become a strong kunoichi, not end up with Sasuke. No, its not. Why? Well, because the so called love triangle that was shown to us when Sakura and Sasuke were introduced. Writing A Persuasive Essay? Naruto having strong feelings for Sakura would be one side. Sakura having strong feelings for Sasuke would be the other, and Sasuke having strong feelings for Naruto is the last. ^That is a love triangle. I am not necessarily argueing that Sasuke had romantic interest in write beowulf, Naruto, but that he had stronger feelings for Naruto than Sakura. Naruto degraded Sasuke and favored Sakura. Sakura degraded Naruto and favored Sasuke.

Sasuke degraded Sakura and favored Naruto. Sasuke: Don't you envy him being alone, not having parents nag at you all the time. You make me sick! Sasuke: You're just as bad as Naruto. Why waste your time flirting when you should be practicing?

Even his skills are better than yours! Neji to Naruto (not exact quote): You have better eyes than mine. Only you can save Sasuke from essay for british literature, darkness now. Warning: Very pro-NaruHina. I would agree. But remember my statement about how crushes wore off in Part 2? Lee's crush wore off, Ino's crush wore off, Sakura's crush wore off, Hinata's crush did not wear off . If Kishimoto would want to put NaruSaku instead, he would have taken Hinata's crush away instead of complicating things.

He didn't. Maybe he has planned doing something with them? Its sure been hinted at. No, he doesn't. I won't argue on Sakura loving Naruto, but if that's the case, then its not requited. Write Thesis? Naruto knew and accepted that Sakura did not like him back in Part1 right before the the Sasuke Retrieval ARK: Naruto: Sakura-chan, you really like Sasuke huh? -smile- Sometimes part of learning is accepting that you lost and moving on. Even so, Naruto has never told Sakura he loved her, and a persuasive, it was never his goal to get together with Sakura. Naruto's goal is to be acknowledged , to statement beowulf become Hokage and to bring Sasuke back . Besides, why would he need to work to be acknowledged by online in indian Sakura when he is thesis beowulf already acknowledged by Hinata? Let's look at Hinata's theme: Believe in yourself.

How would that theme fit if Naruto ends up never acknowledging Hinata and rejects her for Sakura, someone who rejected him throughout most of ib extended essay cover Part1? That's not fair. Oh, and not to forget, Naruto's nindo is never take back my words, not giving up. Statement? He has never mentioned he would get Sakura to love him in Part1, so I don't see what the t washington problem is. No, and beowulf, he never did romantically. Why did Naruto like Sakura to begin with? Because she was like him, looking for thesis fro new acknolwedgement (which is the same for Hinata). Write? That's really it. Have they told eachother they love eachother? No.

Have they kissed? No. Study Research Example? I know it is thesis a shonen manga but there are always something that will indicate a pairing is canon. Look at writing essay prezi Asuma/Kurenai, when Asuma died Kurenai had the bad omen, they constantly dated as you can see when Team Asuma had flashbacks. Thesis Statement Beowulf? Asuma/Kurenai was canon. NaruSaku is study research question not, if it were I wouldn't be argueing this.

You guys jumped to fast to write thesis conclusions. Ib Extended Essay Cover? Yamato for one did not finish the statement and Sakura did not answer it. Hell, he could have meant In reality you love someone else or something. Write Thesis Statement? We really don't know. Oh, and talking about that statement, guess who was on paper submission in indian the cover of that chapter?

HINATA. No, it wasn't a coincidence. Not necessarily. Sakura already acknowledges Naruto, she already knows about Kyuubi, she knows him probably better than most people. If the above is the case, then why hasn't NaruSaku happened yet? They already know eachother well, you'd think they'd be canon by write statement now but they're not. Online Research Paper? Makes you think, doesn't it? I'm no hypocrite. I think Kishimoto put the date as his own way of showing us that Sakura forgot her feelings for Sasuke without having to put actual important romance in it and write, adding to cover sheet us that ShikaTema hint. Hell, Naruto hadn't even said the word 'date' yet so I don't think it counts in this category.

Naruto only write, teases Sakura, trying to cheer themselves up and doing it for 'old time's sake'. As I mentioned before, Naruto no longer has a crush on Sakura. Oh, and by the way, according to what's translated, Kishimoto mentioned that the date was not romance . No, I am not a hypocrite, love is online submission a general word, romance is not. True. Write Thesis Statement Beowulf? But why did the animators necessarily put NaruHina in thesis technology, the fillers? Why'd they do that if they knew it could end some other way ending up with loads of dissapointed fans on their asses? Its absolutely normal for manga authors to tell animators how they're going to beowulf end the thesis manga or at least what they have planned. I don't think the animators are stupid enough to put NaruHina in if they knew NaruSaku would or could happen. Write Statement? Actually, NaruHina wasn't the only pairing hinted at in the research anime. Thesis Beowulf? (I'll poke at this later) If anyone were to ask me this, I'd applaud them for being a good debater, but it won't work on me.

Hinata's source for inspiration? Naruto, Hinata's reason to grow? Naruto. Unlike Sakura's crush for Sasuke keeping her immature, Hinata's crush for Naruto did the opposite, made her mature, made her stronger. Fro New? Yes, Hinata can become acknowledged by her clan and statement, become strong, but it wouldn't resolve her feelings for paper submission in indian Naruto. I already proved how Sakura's feelings for Sasuke had resolved, how Naruto's feelings for Sakura had resolved, but Hinata's - maybe being a minor character - feelings have yet to write thesis be resolved. Hell, its even be foreshadowed that Hinata will eventually confess her feelings for Naruto, let's look at the second databook:

Oh, and let's look at this picture Kishimoto himself drew, its not fanart. This being the rough draft of the cover of the so on the familiar chapter of 297: - There's no reason for Naruto and Sakura to be lovers as they're perfectly fine as friends. Sakura already has a good portion of the online paper submission spotlight, especially in a shonen manga. However, everytime Hinata gets the spotlight it has something to do with Naruto. NaruHina not happening would be severely neglecting Hinata and her theme.

- The Seesaw effect. - If Kishimoto wanted NaruSaku he would have made Hinata's feelings fade, but he didn't. - If Kishimoto wanted NaruSaku, he would have probably made it canon by now, they're all alone without Sasuke, so why hasn't it happened? -The NARUTO manga is all about friendship. Kishimoto is not going to throw that away to pave way for a romantic relationship between Team7 and/or Sai. He's going to thesis statement want to thesis either leave them single or pair them up outside of the team. More reference to the seesaw effect.

- Naruto already gave up on Sakura at write statement beowulf the end of Part1. It would be pointless to bring back his feelings; it wouldn't help the plot, and it certainly wouldn't help his character development. -Sakura knows about Hinata's feelings for Naruto, it wouldn't be very nice on essay questions for british her part to thesis statement beowulf still chase after him. -Continuing from the last point, both Kiba and Shino know very well of Hinata's feelings for Naruto and support her. If NaruHina didn't happen, it would not only for british, bring down Hinata, but also all of write beowulf Team 8/Kurenai. Hell, it seems like all of Team 8's purpose revolves around Hinata's feelings for Naruto. True, but pairing her up with Gaara would make the exact same effect if not even better. Let's see what seems to be the summary of Sakura's immaturity in essays, Part1: When has that stopped a pairing from write thesis statement, happening? If anything I know that manga-ka love opposite-attract couples, and I should know, I have over 300 volumes of ib extended essay different manga stored in write thesis statement, a bookshelf beside me right now. ;)

I agree that pre-timeskip GaaSaku would have never happend. But after? For one Gaara is no crazed psychopath anymore and Sakura has become more like Naruto . And we all know that Gaara is study research example fond of Naruto. Thesis Statement Beowulf? Not that way of course. Thesis? -chases BL fangirls away- No, seriously, so what?

Its Kishimoto's manga, not the fans. Thesis Statement? Its not like he's going to change the direction of the story because of some whiney teenage girls. I'm pretty sure a guy has to write a story before he starts drawing it. Kishimoto didn't even intend to get female fans to begin with, NARUTO is a shonen manga. Besides, let's look at the VegetaBulma pairing in DBZ; DBZ had overwhelming popularity back then and also had a good share of female fans and research paper in indian, then VegetaBulma became canon out of beowulf nowhere. Thesis Fro New Technology? I'm pretty sure a lot of statement people were against it but nothing really happened. NarutoHinata also parallels GokuChichi well too - and we all know that that pairing is writing a persuasive prezi quite an obvious one.

True, but it doesn't really matter and write statement, yes, they have had little interaction; but what has happened when Sakura and the sand siblings do interact? You see, why was Sakura at the hospital to begin with? To visit Lee. You see, Sakura wasn't supposed to like Lee at all at the beginning but he protected her (though he kind of failed at case it) and then Sakura matured and realized that he was a nice guy. Write? By going to the hospital to visit Lee she was doing something mature , and for british, then suddenly Gaara is randomly stuck there. You see, Gaara was jelous of Lee. No, I'm not going to be delusional and say Gaara has feelings for Sakura (yet. xD -shot-), but that doesn't change the thesis fact that he was jelous of Lee and the attention he was getting as someone with loved ones. Fore shadow ? Its possible. Oh, and by the way, what happened as soon as Gaara left? Sakura started degrading Naruto for Sasuke which spiraled into essay Sasuke leaving for Orochimaru. How would it not help Gaara?

The more love Gaara can get the better because he's one of the lonely characters. For one, being paired up with one of the main characters of Team7 elevates him in the storyline. Hell, being paired up just simply shows us that Gaara is write statement no longer the monster that he was, that he is more human , and who better to show it than Naruto's teammate (since BL isn't happening anytime soon)? With Sakura by his side, Gaara would always be carrying a piece of on booker t washington Naruto with him showing how much he was an impact in his life. After all, Naruto is the statement main character, he's supposed to do that. Not to forget how Sakura reminded Gaara of essay for british Yashamaru - a guy who Gaara cared about but didn't love him - if GaaSaku happened, one could say that he gained the love he never had during his childhood, that he really has healed.

Bet you'll never guess who it is! Never Ever ever ever ever. You're not the only one that got lost with the GaaSaku thing, unless you're the same person. I can't though, because my sister is a fanatic of that pairing. Sure, but first I'll need to take a grab at one of their arguements, send me a rant/essay for it and I'll rip it to pieces. I just wanted to show that GaaraSaku wasn't totally out there if you know what I mean. ^^; However, I feel that Team 7 is an exception. Thesis Statement Beowulf? I totally agree with your NaruSaku analysis, and I really don't think it's fitting based on online submission the relationships Kishi has already established. Write Statement Beowulf? I am still a huge fan of SasuSaku, and ib extended sheet, I didn't agree with a lot of your points against it. such as Sakura cutting her hair meant that she was cutting away her feelings for write thesis statement beowulf Sasuke. Sakura's feelings for Sasuke strengthened after that, if anything.

And we can't come to the conclusion that Sakura does not have feelings for Sasuke anymore. I also liked the submission GaaSaku analysis. I don't support it, but it was probably one of the most convincing fanon essays i've read. Unfortunately, I'm seeing a lot of flaws in this rant, so I'm going to make a better one later. :3. . I have a name. Write Statement? but I don't remember it o.O. Re: . I have a name. but I don't remember it o.O. ^That should help a bit. No, there's still no specific finding of interest in case research question, eachother - unless you count the fillers but the rest is write fan speculation. Anyway, this is a flawed rant, and I'm planning to make out a nice manifesto later on just for GaaSaku. When I get my lazy ass moving that is.

Re: . I have a name. but I don't remember it o.O. Re: . Paper Submission? I have a name. Beowulf? but I don't remember it o.O. Narutofan comes with a new chapter ever week, its at vol.37 I think. Re: . I have a name. but I don't remember it o.O. I undestand your point about GaaSaku, but. Writing A Persuasive Essay Prezi? they've never talk to statement beowulf each other! (in the entire manga). However, Naruto is a Shonen so, Pairings don't really exist. I enjoyed reading it, since it was filled with logic. I could tell you observed Naruto closely. I do when I can, [ I skipped lots, so I'm now piecing together what I know and reading the recent mangas.] but we have different opinions and essay literature, thoughts anyways.

But in thesis statement, the most recent chapters Naruto hasn't talked to her at all since even though she just confessed to him. Maybe shes avoiding him or he's too busy with Danzo right now, I don't know. :( But I agree with your point that she still has her feelings for Naruto unlike Ino for Sasuke and several others, and I think that it would be mean of Kishi to keep her feelings and then have them stomped all over for british, after, what, 2. 3. Statement? 4 years? Maybe more. I've read GaaSaku things before but this is the first time I've seen such good points about the ib extended sheet couple. My last words on this are that: A. its always likely that Kishi won't make an official couple in write beowulf, the end.

B. Whichever couple it is, NaruSaku or NaruHina, you better believe that the essay questions for british less mature members who like the couples will probably flame the other for a while! C. Sasukes a jack@$$ for running off, betraying his village, make his friends worry about him, and write, going with that pedophile Orochimaru. xD (lol jk) D. I myself am a sasusaku fan, but I've never believed that they will end up as a pairing, don't ask why I don't know myself! xD There's just something with how Sakura and thesis technology, Sasuke both are nowadays that gives me the vibe that they won't end up together. But just because you don't like a pairing doesn't mean you can flame them, because no matter what you say the write thesis beowulf ppl who like the couple won't listen!! xD Besides why not let them enjoy themselves, I write fanfiction all the time on da and fanfiction (DOT) net and I know I'd be mad if people came on to my fics and started saying that my couple is stupid. There is always one thing that I like to say in these matters: 'If you don't want to get burned, don't start fanning flames!' Because quite honestly when you put up anti vids or flame people, you're asking for it! xDDD. Liked the whole see-saw effect thing you brought up, very interesting and unique. That being said, in team 7, Naruto is the ib extended main character. It's obvious; Naruto is the statement title of the manga!

Therefore, if Sasuke and case study, Sakura end up together, I don't think it would affect the balance of the team. Even more so if Naruto ends up becoming the Hokage and if he ends up with Hinata. Being the hero of the village and the main character, I think that Naruto would be happy for sasuke and beowulf, sakura. All three of them would be happy. As you mentioned yourself, naruto accepted the fact that sakura loves sasuke and I think that he would be happy for them. On the other hand, if naruto and sakura would end up together, the balance of the team would not work because sasuke would be left behind. Narusaku could only thesis fro new, happen if sasuke dies.

2) Naruto becomes hokage: Naruhina, Sasusaku: sasuke restores his clan= everybody is happy! I am agree with what you wrote about gaasaku and sasusaku.

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Why I Love Pizza – A Personal Essay About My Favorite Food. Ever since I was a little boy, pizza has always had a special place in my heart. From pizza day in thesis, the school cafeteria to pizza parties at sleep away camp, there was nothing more exciting than when that cardboard box was opened to reveal a round pie with eight delicious slices waiting to be devoured. Early on I learned that everybody eats their pizza differently. There are those who fold their slices in half, those who eat their slices with two hands, and those who (dare I say) like to cut their pizza with a fork and knife.

Some people soak up the olive oil with a napkin, while others don’t mind a greasy slice. Some people like the research question example, crust, while others live for that first bite. Some people decorate their slices with spices, while others like it plain. Nearly any ingredient can be put on pizza. From pepperoni and anchovies to thesis beowulf, barbecue chicken and writing a persuasive, pineapple, every pizza pie is thesis statement beowulf, like a unique work of art. Every pie is a different shape and case question, size. There are thin crust pies, deep dish pies, and everything in thesis beowulf, between. There are pies with different cheeses and essays on booker t washington, tomato sauce, or even pies with a completely different base altogether. Growing up in thesis, the suburbs of Washington, DC there weren’t so many great options for pizza. Writing? Ordering in from Domino’s and Pizza Hut was a weekly occurrence. But when I arrived in New York in write thesis statement, 2002, I was thrust into an entirely new pizza universe.

Living at an NYU dorm by essay cover sheet Washington Square Park, I developed a quick allegiance with my local pizzerias. I could barely walk a block without passing by a shop — many of them claiming to serve up the best slice in the city. There was Joe’s on the corner of Bleecker Street and Carmine Street (which closed it’s doors in 2004) where tipsy students, homeless people, and thesis statement, even celebrities made their way to ib extended essay sheet, the counter through the wee hours of the morning. I remember eating a slice of pizza with Dave Chappelle one evening after he’d finished up a set at the nearby Comedy Cellar. Joe’s served up a good slice, but it was about more than the food. Going there was an adventure. It was where old friends would run into write statement beowulf, each other and new friends were made. You couldn’t help but notice the non-stop hustle and bustle around you — but at the same time there was sense satisfaction once you took your first bite of their delicious slices.

Within a five minute walk from my dorm, there were dozens of pizza places and I intended to try them all. I fell in love with many including Pizza Booth on Bleecker Street and The Pizzeria on MacDougal Street. I remember the night I ran into Adam Sandler at Ben’s Pizza on the corner of MacDougal and 3rd Street and case study, the first time I went to Pasty’s Pizzeria on University Place — the thesis beowulf, final meal I ate in 2002. Patsy’s opened my eyes to a whole other world of fro new technology, pizza — the upscale pie. I had always thought that a New York slice was served on a paper plate — intended for a quick late night bite on your way between watering holes. But I soon came to learn that many of city’s best pizza places didn’t serve slices and that eating their pizza involved a great deal of patience while your custom pie was prepared.

The fall of 2003 took me to what is beowulf, still one of my favorite pizza places in the New York: Grimaldi’s . Although there is thesis, a subway stop a few blocks from this Brooklyn pizzeria, the only true way to get there is by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, arguably the most picturesque ways to thesis beowulf, take in New York’s sprawling skyline. To me, a walk over the bridge and Grimaldi’s have become synonymous with one another. I can’t walk across the bridge without stopping at Grimaldi’s and I can’t stop at literature, Grimaldi’s without walking across the bridge. This is the thesis statement, first thing I do with any out-of-town guest. Questions For British? It’s just off the beowulf, beaten path enough to make a tourist feel like a New Yorker, yet not so touristy that a New Yorker feels out of case example, place. It is the quintessential New York experience. There have been days when I’ve been seated at write statement beowulf, Grimaldi’s right away and other times where I’ve waited behind hundreds of people outside in the cold. When you’re inside, the best view of the action is in the bathroom line, adjacent to the brick ovens where pies are constantly being removed, put on a platter, and placed on a nearby table as the steam still rises off the top.

The pizza is thin enough that two people can split a large pie. Ib Extended Cover? In fact, ordering the small pie for $2 less is not even economical. There is no better place to digest Grimaldi’s than on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade overlooking lower Manhattan. It’s the thesis, only place in the city that I can be assured to find at least one bride and groom snapping photos every time I’m there. On weekend afternoons it’s common to see five or six couples taking wedding photos. Walking back on the bridge, one feels content, satisfied, accomplished, and [insert positive feeling here]. There are few experiences that rival this. The spring of prezi, 2004 took me to write, Italy where I spent a semester studying in Florence. At the time, I was not a big foodie, so I rarely kept track of where I ate.

Today, however, if I was to return, my entire trip would be dictated by food. Paper Submission In Indian? Although Florence is a very Americanized city, my apartment was a 20 minute walk from the write thesis, center of study research question example, town. Write Thesis Statement? One evening, while exploring the area around our apartment, my roommates and research example, I discovered a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant on a hidden side street. There wasn’t a single English speaking person in write, the entire place and there was no English version of the menu. Although I have no idea what this place was named, I know how to get back there and one day plan to return.

Their pizza pies were large, but so thin that everyone needed their own. Their pies were more closely resembled the shape of a puddle in the street than a geometric figure. Online In Indian? Of the dozen times I dined there, my pizza never looked the same. I think about this place a lot — whether it still exists, what it was actually called, whether any other tourists every discovered it. But most of all, I’m upset that I can’t tell people traveling to Florence how to find it. I need to get back there for the sake of thesis beowulf, this pizza place. Upon returning from Italy, I moved to the east side of t washington, Manhattan where I inherited a completely new set of local pizza places. Nino’s Pizza on the corner of write thesis, St. Marks Place and Avenue A became a favorite along with Pizzanini on research question example the corner of 2nd Avenue and St. Marks Place. There were drunken nights spent in Due Amici on 3rd Avenue and 12th Street and Two Boots on Avenue A and write thesis beowulf, 3rd Street.

I never really developed a favorite place in the East Village. All these pizzerias served solid New York slices. Pizza continued to remain an important part of my diet and determining which place to eat at fro new, was solely based on where I was when my pizza craving hit. As my love for pizza deepened, I began to do more research online about statement beowulf, where I could find the city’s best pie. All sources pointed to the same place – Di Fara – a modest shop in online paper submission, the Flatbush area of Brooklyn that has been serving its heavenly pizza for more than 40 years. It’s owned and run by Dom De Marco. He makes every single pie himself, working 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week.

Apparently he takes 3 ? days off a year. If he’s sick, the thesis beowulf, shop is closed. It shut its door for a few weeks in 1988 when De Marco went to questions literature, Italy and another time in write statement, 2006 when he had foot surgery. The lines have been known to online paper submission in indian, stretch for hours as he gives every single pie his undivided attention. Thesis Beowulf? He likes to know who every pizza is for before serving it to them.

Watching him make a pie is essays on booker t washington, like watching an artist paint a painting – in statement beowulf, slow motion. He uses a hand grater for essays on booker t washington the cheese and write thesis, meticulously smears the tomato sauce on the dough. I made my first trip out there in the fall of essays on booker, 2006 and taking my first bit of pizza at Di Fara changed my life forever. Not only was it the write thesis statement beowulf, best slice of pizza I’d ever eaten (and still remains so), but I honestly can say it was the best food I’d ever consumed. Questions For British Literature? There is thesis statement, no description that could do each bite justice. Only a few steps away from the Flatbush Avenue stop on the Q train, it’s about 45 minutes from Midtown Manhattan. It’s a place that every New Yorker should go. I can only hope that De Marco continues to churn out his mouth watering pies for years to come. For British? For weeks after my visit I had dreams about the pizza on statement beowulf a nightly basis and study, only wish I could return there more often that I currently do. In the statement beowulf, spring of 2007 the blogosphere started to buzz about a new pizza place that opened on thesis technology 14th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. Lines were forming around the corner.

And during peak hours, it’d be common to wait for more than an hour for a slice of the city’s most talked about new pizzeria. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza Brewery reinvented my notion of a local pizzeria – primarily because it’s about write beowulf, a 60 second walk from essays, my apartment. After my first visit there, I found it difficult (actually impossible) to go to any other pizza place in my neighborhood. Once that Artichoke craving hit, I knew where my last stop of the night would be before heading home. In fact, I still find it difficult to even walk by the shop without stopping in for a slice. The aromas that fill the area outside Artichoke are undeniably enticing. When I pass people on beowulf the street who are eating pizza, I lean over and take a big sniff of their slice – hoping to fill my sinuses with that signature Artichoke smell. If you couldn’t tell I’m a little obsessed. Artichoke does it right. They have four kinds of slices – a square Sicilian slice, a classic Neapolitan slice, an artichoke-spinach slice, and a crab slice. Research Paper Submission? All are delicious and so think and statement beowulf, cheesy that they’re as filling as an cover entire meal.

Now that the hype has dwindled down, so have the lines. A good thing for my taste buds, but a bad thing for my arteries. Around the same time that Artichoke opened I was reading a “Best Of New York” issue of New York Magazine. They listed what they believed to write beowulf, be the best pizza place in each of the five boroughs. Having been to none of questions literature, them, I decided to form a “Pizza Club” in the summer of 2008. The mission was simple: every other weekend we’d venture to a different pizza place on the list in an attempt to determine which borough truly has the beowulf, best pizza. I couldn’t possibly imagine finding a better place than Di Fara in Brooklyn or Artichoke in thesis technology, Manhattan. Here’s where we went:

Brooklyn: Our first trip was to statement beowulf, Franny’s on Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights. Their pies are slightly overpriced (as were most of the places we went) and not as filling as I would have liked. Online Research Submission In Indian? But tasty they were. I had the tomato and buffalo mozzarella pie. Not one of the best in Brooklyn, but a nice restaurant in write statement, a cute neighborhood that’s worth checking out. Queens: Of the five places listed in New York Magazine, Nick’s Pizza in Forrest Hills was my favorite. Their pies were simple, yet uniformly excellent – a crispy crust, gooey mozzarella cheese, tangy marinara sauce, and a touch of fresh basil. We ordered one with mushrooms on top as well, a nice touch to an already solid pie. The Bronx: It’s a trek up to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, but once you reach this strip of authentic Italian restaurants, you’ll feel like you’ve been thrust in the center of a quaint town in Tuscany.

At Zero Otto Nove , we tried three pies: Margherita (tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil), Patate E Porcini (mozzarella, sliced potatoes and porcini mushrooms), and Quattro Formaggi (smoked mozzarella, gorgonzola, provolone and fresh mozzarella). I particularly enjoyed the last two which were more unusual combinations – a nice paring with the case research, traditional Margherita pie. Manhattan: Una Pizza Napoletana is known as the most expensive pizza place in Manhattan. At $21.95 for a 12-inch personal pizza, it’s hard to feel like you’re not getting ripped off. Our group tried all four pies they serve: bianca, marinara, margherita, and filetti. The bianca (buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, basil, and sea salt) was my favorite, but the steep prices make Artichoke, which is right around the corner, a more appealing option. Staten Island: After a ride on thesis beowulf the subway, ferry, and bus, we finally made our way to Joe Pat’s , a famous establishment in the city’s forgotten borough. In addition to writing essay, a traditional cheese pie, we tried a vodka pie, and a pesto pie with fresh tomatoes.

Staten Island isn’t known for its pizza (it’s not known for much actually, is it?), so I would say the highlight was the write thesis statement beowulf, adventure out there, not necessarily the thesis, pizza itself. Write Thesis? Nevertheless, it was fun to dine alongside locals in essay sheet, one of the Island’s most famous pizza places. The Pizza Club visited two other pizzerias at the end of the summer: LB Spumoni Gardens in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of write, Brooklyn and Di Fara. LB Spumoni Gardens has a large outdoor eating area which makes it particularly enticing to visit when it’s warm out. Ib Extended? They’re known for their Sicilian slices which the group overwhelming enjoyed more than the regular slices. The thick square slices are overloaded with tomato sauce and write thesis beowulf, are definitely worth the trip out there. Little did I know I’d return to Staten Island for ib extended sheet pizza in the fall of 2008 as part of write thesis statement, a Staten Island pizza tour. For British Literature? This tour is one of the first offerings by statement beowulf a newly formed tourism department which was created in research submission, order to bring more New Yorkers out to the Island.

In addition to stopping at four pizza places, we visit the Staten Island Zoo, the write beowulf, Wagner campus, and various historical sites on the Island. Our first pizza stop was at Jimmy Max, my favorite of the afternoon. Their pizza was served with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil leaves – pretty standard, but delicious nonetheless. After visiting Joe Pat’s we made our way to Denino’s which reminded me of one of essays on booker, those sit-down Pizza Hut restaurants with waiter service. Not to compare their pies with those of Pizza Hut, but in thesis statement beowulf, a blind taste test, I’m not so sure Denino’s would stick out in case study, my mind. The final stop was Lee’s Tavern, an unassuming bar on the corner of a quiet street. There isn’t even a name on the outside. We made our way to write, a backroom of the writing essay prezi, place where our already stuffed stomachs were filled with a final serving of write statement beowulf, pizza. At this point of the day it was hard to really rate the pies at essays on booker t washington, Lee’s, but they seemed to be just as tasty as the rest of the write, pizza we’d been eating all afternoon.

And with one final bite of crust, I was back on the ferry to Manhattan. Pizza has obviously played a big role in my life. Research? I eat it almost everyday and continue to write statement, keep my eyes and ears open for new places I’ve yet to try. Totonno’s in Coney Island is at the top of my list as far as New York pizza places go, after which I hope to work my way through some of the smaller neighborhoods of the outer boroughs in hopes of online research in indian, discovering some hidden gems. And one day I hope to visit Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona where Pizzaiolo Chris Bianco makes pies that are considered by many to write beowulf, be the best in the country.

But in the meantime, I’ve created this blog for pizza lovers. Fro New Technology? I’ll post any pizza content I come across, which is a lot, in thesis, hopes of creating the go-to website for all pizza related content for those who love pizza as much as I do.

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acc422 week 1 homework assignment. Beowulf. Presented below are a number of independent situations. For each individual situation, determine the amount that should be reported as cash. 1. Checking account balance $925,000; certificate of deposit $1,400,000; cash advance to essay, subsidiary of write thesis statement $980,000; utility deposit paid to gas company $180. Essay Questions Literature. 2. Checking account balance $600,000; an overdraft in special checking account at same bank as normal checking account of $17,000; cash held in a bond sinking fund $200,000; petty cash fund $300; coins and currency on hand $1,350.

3. Checking account balance $590,000; postdated check from a customer $11,000; cash restricted due to maintaining compensating balance requirement of $100,000; certified check from customer $9,800; postage stamps on hand $620. 4. Checking account balance at beowulf, bank $37,000; money market balance at mutual fund (has checking privileges) $48,000; NSF check received from customer $800. 5. Checking account balance $700,000; cash restricted for future plant expansion $500,000; short-term Treasury bills $180,000; cash advance received from customer $900 (not included in checking account balance); cash advance of $7,000 to company executive, payable on demand; refundable deposit of $26,000 paid to federal government to online submission, guarantee performance on construction contract. Your accounts receivable clerk, Mitra Adams, to whom you pay a salary of $1,500 per month, has just purchased a new Acura. You decided to test the write thesis accuracy of the accounts receivable balance of $82,000 as shown in the ledger. The following information is available for your first year in business. (1) Collections from customers $198,000. (2) Merchandise purchased 320,000. (3) Ending merchandise inventory 90,000. (4) Goods are marked to sell at 40% above cost. Compute an estimate of the ending balance of accounts receivable from essay sheet, customers that should appear in the ledger and any apparent shortages. Assume that all sales are made on thesis beowulf, account.

The ending balance of accounts receivable from customers $ At the end of 2014, Aramis Company has accounts receivable of $800,000 and an allowance for doubtful accounts of $40,000. On January 16, 2015, Aramis Company determined that its receivable from Ramirez Company of on booker $6,000 will not be collected, and management authorized its write-off. Prepare the thesis statement beowulf journal entry for Aramis Company to write off the Ramirez receivable. (If no entry is required, select #8220;No Entry#8221; for the account titles and enter 0 for writing essay, the amounts. Credit account titles are automatically indented when the amount is entered. Do not indent manually.) Date Account Titles and Explanation Debit Credit. January 16, 2015. SHOW LIST OF ACCOUNTS. What is the net realizable value of Aramis Company’s accounts receivable before the write-off of the Ramirez receivable? Net realizable value $ The trial balance before adjustment of Reba McIntyre Inc. Thesis Beowulf. shows the following balances. Accounts Receivable $90,000.

Allowance for online paper in indian, Doubtful Accounts 1,750. Sales Revenue (all on statement, credit) $680,000. Give the entry for estimated bad debts assuming that the thesis fro new allowance is to provide for doubtful accounts on the basis of (a) 4% of gross accounts receivable and (b) 1% of net sales. (If no entry is required, select #8220;No Entry#8221; for the account titles and enter 0 for the amounts. Credit account titles are automatically indented when the amount is entered. Do not indent manually.) No. Account Titles and Explanation Debit Credit. On April 1, 2014, Rasheed Company assigns $400,000 of its accounts receivable to write statement beowulf, the Third National Bank as collateral for a $200,000 loan due July 1, 2014. The assignment agreement calls for ib extended essay sheet, Rasheed Company to continue to collect the receivables. Third National Bank assesses a finance charge of 2% of the write thesis accounts receivable, and interest on the loan is 10% (a realistic rate of interest for a note of this type). Prepare the April 1, 2014, journal entry for Rasheed Company. (If no entry is a persuasive essay prezi, required, select #8220;No Entry#8221; for the account titles and enter 0 for write statement beowulf, the amounts. Credit account titles are automatically indented when the essay prezi amount is entered.

Do not indent manually.) Date Account Titles and Explanation Debit Credit. Prepare the journal entry for write statement, Rasheed’s collection of $350,000 of the on booker t washington accounts receivable during the period from April 1, 2014, through June 30, 2014. Write Thesis. (If no entry is required, select #8220;No Entry#8221; for the account titles and enter 0 for the amounts. Credit account titles are automatically indented when the amount is entered. Do not indent manually.) Account Titles and Explanation Debit Credit. Beyonce Corporation factors $175,000 of accounts receivable with Kathleen Battle Financing, Inc. on a with recourse basis. Kathleen Battle Financing will collect the receivables. The receivables records are transferred to essay prezi, Kathleen Battle Financing on August 15, 2014.

Kathleen Battle Financing assesses a finance charge of 2% of the amount of accounts receivable and also reserves an amount equal to 4% of write thesis beowulf accounts receivable to cover probable adjustments. Assume that the conditions are met for the transfer of receivables with recourse to be accounted for as a sale. Prepare the journal entry on August 15, 2014, for Beyonce to sheet, record the sale of receivables, assuming the recourse liability has a fair value of write thesis $2,000. Fro New Technology. (If no entry is required, select #8220;No Entry#8221; for the account titles and enter 0 for the amounts. Credit account titles are automatically indented when the amount is entered. Do not indent manually.) Date Account Titles and Explanation Debit Credit. Assume that in an annual audit of write thesis statement Harlowe Inc. at December 31, 2014, you find the following transactions near the closing date.

Assuming that each of the amounts is material, state whether the merchandise should be included in the client’s inventory. Essay Questions For British Literature. 1. A special machine, fabricated to order for a customer, was finished and specifically segregated in write statement beowulf, the back part of the shipping room on questions, December 31, 2014. The customer was billed on that date and the machine excluded from write statement beowulf, inventory although it was shipped on January 4, 2015. 2. Merchandise costing $2,800 was received on January 3, 2015, and the related purchase invoice recorded January 5. The invoice showed the technology shipment was made on December 29, 2014, f.o.b. destination. 3. A packing case containing a product costing $3,400 was standing in write statement beowulf, the shipping room when the physical inventory was taken. It was not included in the inventory because it was marked “Hold for shipping instructions.” Your investigation revealed that the study example customer’s order was dated December 18, 2014, but that the thesis statement case was shipped and the customer billed on January 10, 2015. The product was a stock item of your client. 4. Merchandise received on January 6, 2015, costing $680 was entered in the purchases journal on January 7, 2015. The invoice showed shipment was made f.o.b. Online Research Paper Submission. supplier’s warehouse on December 31, 2014. Because it was not on hand at December 31, it was not included in thesis beowulf, inventory.

5. Thesis Fro New. Merchandise costing $720 was received on write thesis beowulf, December 28, 2014, and the invoice was not recorded. You located it in the hands of the purchasing agent; it was marked “on consignment.” Inventory information for Part 311 of Monique Aaron Corp. discloses the following information for the month of June. June 1 Balance 300 units @ $10 June 10 Sold 200 units @ $24. 11 Purchased 800 units @ $12 15 Sold 500 units @ $25. 20 Purchased 500 units @ $13 27 Sold 300 units @ $27.

Assuming that the periodic inventory method is used, compute the cost of goods sold and ending inventory under (1) LIFO and (2) FIFO. Cost of Goods Sold $ Assuming that the perpetual inventory method is used and costs are computed at the time of each withdrawal, what is the value of the ending inventory at writing a persuasive prezi, LIFO? The ending inventory at LIFO $ Assuming that the perpetual inventory method is used and costs are computed at the time of each withdrawal, what is the gross profit if the inventory is valued at FIFO? Gross Profit (FIFO) $ Use the write beowulf following coupon code: 100% non-plagiarized Papers 24/7 /365 Service Available Affordable Prices Any Paper, Urgency, and Subject Will complete your papers in 6 hours On time Delivery Money-back and Privacy guarantees Unlimited Amendments upon request Satisfaction guarantee. Ib Extended Essay. You helped me meet my obligations as a student when I was unwell. I would otherwise be one year behind if I had not used your services.

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Use of write statement stolen credit card and/or any credit card fraud is considered to be a serious crime. closely cooperates with our payment provider to prevent and ib extended essay, fight online fraud. In case of any online fraud, appropriate state authorities will be contacted immediately. By doing a chargeback, you agree to give up all your rights to the Paper automatically. Write Thesis. At the essay for british same time, you authorize to statement publish the for british literature completed Paper and start the authorship procedure that will allow us to determine if you have used any parts of the Paper. The procedure may include contacting your school officials and/or posting your full details along with the completed Paper online. reserves the right to thesis statement beowulf change its prices at any time in its sole discretion and such changes or modifications shall be posted online at the Website and become effective immediately without need for further notice to any Client and/or user. We care about our Clients and are always looking for ways to offer them the best value for money. One method we use is writing a persuasive prezi, a discount system., at its sole discretion, shall have the write thesis statement right to provide our Clients with discount programs as described more fully and published on the Website.

According to our loyalty program, you earn back 10% of your total bill in ib extended cover sheet Points (1 currency unit (inter alia USD/ EUR/ GBP etc.) = 1 Point) after you make your first order. Your Points are accumulated on your Credit Balance. “Credit Balance” is an write statement account for questions for british Points of a Client which can be used for write statement future purchases on the Website exclusively. You can use your Points for your next purchases on case question example, the Website exclusively. Your Points cannot be refunded. The discount may be obtained by the use of the promo code. The amount of Points added to the Credit Balance is write statement beowulf, calculated on on booker, the basis of the order price excluding the applied discount (if any).

Later, 5% of write statement beowulf every next order (not including credits) is added to writing prezi your Credit Balance. will issue a refund to you only write thesis beowulf according to these Terms. Essay Prezi. offers a 14-day money back period for Papers less than 20 pages and a 30-day period for Papers more than 20 pages (”Refund Period”). Refund Period begins on the date of write beowulf Client`s order deadline and expires on the last day of the Refund Period. In case you are not satisfied with any of the Services, you can submit a refund request according to these Terms within the Refund Period. Fro New Technology. Once the Refund Period elapses, will not refund any amounts paid. If the order is not completed and/or the Paper is not downloaded or delivered in write thesis its complete form by or to study question example you, the full refund is issued at any time.

In the event of order cancellation, the funds will be debited back only to the account of the initial payment within 5-7 business days from the time of cancellation request. In other case assesses refund requests on a case-by-case basis as there are usually unique reasons as to why a refund request is made. Statement. Please note that if you request a refund, we may require documented proof that the quality of your order is questions for british literature, low (e.g., scan copy of write statement your instructor’s feedback, plagiarism report, etc.). On Booker T Washington. Should you feel it necessary to make a refund request, we will immediately forward your order to our Quality Assurance Department. After comparing their findings with the reasons for write dissatisfaction, the online research paper submission necessary corrective actions will be taken. Statement. Any refund request must be made within the essays Refund Period. In case reimburses the money because of mistakes or some irrelevance to the initial instructions, our Quality Assurance Department, at its sole discretion, evaluates the write statement quality of the Paper and refunds an amount comparable to writing a persuasive the percentage of incorrect content in the Paper and mistakes present in it. provides various methods of contact (i.e. email, telephone, message board, and live chat) to facilitate communication between you, us and the writer assigned to complete an statement beowulf order. Using any of these methods, our Customer Support Center is available to you at any time and will respond to any refund request or other issue promptly.

However, if such a request is not received using any of the aforementioned methods within the Refund Period, will not be obliged to honor or consider the above said request. Should the Paper delivery be delayed due to unexpected circumstances, from the side of ib extended essay cover, we may provide compensation for the breach of the order deadline in the form of a credit or a discount to be used towards your next order with us. Please be informed that delivery time deviation is beowulf, not a subject to refund. Any revision request or complaint in regards to a Paper that has provided must be made within the revision period (“Revision Period”). offers a 14-day Revision Period for Papers less than 20 pages and a 30-day period for Papers more than 20 pages. Ib Extended Cover Sheet. Revision Period begins on the date of Client`s order deadline and expires on the last day of the thesis statement beowulf Revision Period. After that point, no revision and/or complaint will be accepted. recognizes that orders vary in size and complexity; as a result, dissertation, thesis and/or other sufficiently large assignment may be granted 30-day Revision Period.

Sufficiency in the size of the Paper will be determined by in its sole discretion. In case a request for revision is not submitted within the Revision Period, tacitly accepts that the Client is satisfied with the Paper and requires no further actions to be taken in regards to the Paper unless extra payment is provided or a new order is placed. Upon receiving your completed assignment you are entitled to a free revision should the Paper fail to meet your instructions or defined the requirements in any way. When this is the case, you are entitled to request as many revisions as may be required to make the Paper consistent and compliant with your instructions. During the Revision Period the request for online research revision may be made at write thesis, any time. All revisions must be based on the original order instructions.

If at the time of the revision request you provide new, additional, or differing instructions, this will be interpreted as an application for questions for british new Paper and thus, will require an additional payment. Furthermore, should you request a revision after the thesis beowulf Revision Period, it will also be considered as a new order requiring an writing essay prezi additional payment. We may require you to supply us with personal identifying information, and thesis, we may also legally consult other sources to obtain information about you. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you authorize us to make any inquiries we consider necessary to writing validate the information that you provide us with. Beowulf. We may do this directly or by verifying your information against third party databases; or through other sources. Essentially, verification procedure involves, inter alia, confirming that the order is authentic and on booker t washington, that the cardholder is thesis, aware of charges by online research paper in indian, placing a phone call to them, and in write thesis statement beowulf certain cases by case study research, requesting some additional documents to be submitted for verification to thesis statement beowulf our Risk Department. Thesis Fro New. In order to ensure timely delivery of your order, this procedure must be completed quickly and without delay. Therefore, it is vital to write thesis beowulf provide accurate and case study research question, valid phone numbers. Failure to verify an order may result in order cancellation or the order being placed on hold.

You consent to our processing your personal information for the purposes of providing the Services, including for verification purposes as set out thesis beowulf, herein. Technology. You also consent to the use of such data for communicating with you, for statutory and accounting purposes. You acknowledge that you have read and write statement, consented to's Privacy Policy. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. will not be liable to writing essay you in relation to thesis statement the contents of, the use of, or otherwise in connection with, this Website: for failure to learn the material covered by the Paper; and. for your final grade; and. for the outcome or consequences of submission the Paper to any academic institution; and. excludes all liability for damages arising out of or in connection with your use of this Website. Thesis Fro New Technology. The latter includes, without limitation, damage caused to write your computer, computer software, systems and programs and the data thereon, or any other direct or indirect, consequential and incidental damages. The Paper provided to essays t washington you by remains our property and is the subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under local and international laws conventions. The Paper is intended for your personal use only and it may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for thesis statement any other purposes without our prior written consent.

You agree not to engage in the use, copying, or distribution of Papers other than expressly permitted herein. We post Clients` testimonials on our Website which may contain personal information (first name or initials). Hereby by accessing or using this Website, you provide us with your consent to post your first name/initials along with your testimonial on our Website. We ensure our posting these testimonials does not interfere with your confidentiality. If you wish to request the removal of on booker your testimonial, you may contact us at [emailprotected] NOTIFICATION OF CHANGES. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and your continued use of the write statement Website will signify your acceptance of any adjustment, improvements and/or alterations to these Terms and t washington, Conditions.

You are, therefore, advised to re-read these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis. This web site is owned and operated by statement beowulf, Viatta Business Ltd. HEXO+ Self-Flying Camera Drone, with a suggested retail price of $1,249.00 USD («Main prize»). Essay Cover Sheet. FreePage (single use) SMS inform (single use) Plagiarism Report (single use) 50$ to your bonus balance which you can use in 365 days 100$ to your bonus balance which you can use in 365 days. 2. Promotional Period. The promotion begins on write thesis statement, 7.18.2017, at 9:00 am and ends on 7.28.2017 at case question example, 10:00 pm. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how information about thesis statement beowulf You is collected, used and disclosed and provides other important privacy information, describes when and how we may change this Policy, and tells You how to contact us with any questions or comments. We collect information about You and computer(s) You use when You use our Services or otherwise interact with us.

“Personal Information” means information that we directly associate with a specific person or entity (for example: name; addresses; telephone numbers; email address; payment information; device location etc.). “Client”, “User”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person accessing this Website and accepting these Privacy Policy. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to literature same. HOW INFORMATION ABOUT YOU IS COLLECTED. We collect information about You in three primary ways: Information You Provide. We collect information that You provide to us when You apply for and use and/or purchase our Services or otherwise communicate with us. For example, some of the ways You may provide information to us include:

When You purchase our Services, the payment system will require your personal, contact, billing and write thesis, credit information. When You establish or modify Your user account online, We may collect user identification information, passwords, and/or security question responses that You will use for on booker future sign-on. When You interact with our Customer Service representatives, enter information on our Website, submit survey responses, or pay for Services, we may also collect Personal Information and other information. Thesis Statement. We may monitor and record phone calls, e-mails, live chats, or other communications between You and our Customer Service representatives or other employees or representatives. Information We Collect Automatically. We automatically collect a variety of thesis technology information associated with Your use of our Services. Write Statement Beowulf. Each time You visit the Website, Personal Information is fro new, automatically gathered. In general, this information does not identify You personally. Examples of automatically collected personal information include, but are not limited to: IP address, Collection Date, Publisher Name, Connection Speed, Day of write thesis Week Time of online submission in indian Day (hour), Language settings, Country, City (relating to thesis beowulf IP address, if available). For example, some of the ways we may automatically collect information include: Cookies and similar technologies.

A “cookie” is a small text file that a web site can place on prezi, Your computer's hard drive in order, for example, to collect information about Your activities on the Website. The cookie transmits this information back to the Website's computer, which, generally speaking, is the statement beowulf only computer that can read it. Ib Extended Essay Sheet. We need to use cookies on the Website to enhance the user experience and avoid multiple logins or password authentication requests. We may use, or we may engage third-parties to use on our behalf, cookies or similar web tags (small data text files placed on your computer or device) or similar technologies to identify Your computer or device and record Your preferences and other data so that our Website can personalize Your visit(s), see which areas and features of our Website are popular, and improve our Website and Your experience. Depending upon Your computer, You may be able to write statement set Your browser(s) to reject cookies or delete cookies, but that may result in the loss of some functionality on the Website. We may also use web beacons (small graphic images on a web page or an HTML e-mail) to writing monitor interaction with our websites or e-mails. Web beacons are generally invisible because they are very small (only 1-by-1 pixel) and the same color as the background of the web page or e-mail message. Web Browsing Activity. When accessing our Website, We automatically collect certain information about Your computer and Your visit, such as your IP address, browser type, date and time, the web page You visited before visiting our Website, Your activities and purchases on our Website, and other analytical information associated with the Website. Information From Other Sources. We may also obtain information about You from thesis statement beowulf other sources.

For example, We may receive credit information from third-party sources before initiating Your service. We may also purchase or obtain Personal Information (for example, e-mail lists, postal mail lists, demographic and marketing data) from others. HOW WE USE INFORMATION WE COLLECT ABOUT YOU. We use the information We collect for essays on booker a variety of business purposes, such as: To provide and bill for thesis beowulf Services You purchase;

To deliver and confirm Services You obtain from essays t washington us; To verify Your identity and maintain a record of Your transactions and thesis statement beowulf, interactions with us; To provide customer services to thesis fro new technology You; To create, modify, improve, enhance, remove or fix our Services and write thesis statement beowulf, their performance; To identify and suggest products or services that might interest You; To make internal business decisions about current and future Service offerings; To provide You customized user experiences, including personalized Services offerings; To protect our rights, interests, safety and property and ib extended essay cover sheet, that of our customers, service providers and write, other third parties; and. To comply with law or as required for legal purposes.

We may use Personal Information for investigations or prevention of fraud or network abuse. We may use information we collect to contact You about our and/or third-party products, services, and offers that We believe You may find of interest. We may contact You by ib extended essay cover, telephone, postal mail, e-mail, or other methods. You may see advertisements when You visit our Website. Write Thesis Statement Beowulf. We may help advertisers better reach our customers by thesis, providing certain customer information, including geographic information, language preferences or demographic information obtained from write thesis statement beowulf other companies.

This information is used by advertisers to essay for british literature determine which ads may be more relevant to statement beowulf You. However, we do not share Personal Information outside of essay literature our corporate family for advertising purposes without Your consent. WHEN WE SHARE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. We do not sell, license, rent, or otherwise provide Your Personal Information to thesis beowulf unaffiliated third-parties (parties outside our corporate family) without Your consent. We may, however, disclose Your information to on booker t washington unaffiliated third-parties as follows: With Your Consent. We may disclose Personal Information about thesis beowulf You to third-parties with Your consent. We may obtain Your consent in writing; online, through “click-through” agreements; when You accept the terms of disclosures for certain Services; orally, when You interact with our customer service representatives.

We encourage You not to share Your password. If You provide Your user account password and/or security question responses to technology third parties they will have access to Your Personal Information when they access Your user account with Your account password. To Our Service Providers. We may disclose information to third-party vendors and partners who complete transactions or perform services on write beowulf, our behalf (for example, credit/debit card processing, billing, customer service, auditing, and marketing). In a Business Transfer. We may sell, disclose, or transfer information about You as part of a corporate business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition, joint venture, corporate reorganization, financing, or sale of company assets, or in the unlikely event of insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership, in which such information could be transferred to third-parties as a business asset in essay for british literature the transaction. For Legal Process Protection. We may disclose Personal Information, and other information about You, or Your communications, where we have a good faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary: to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request; to enforce or apply agreements, or initiate, render, bill, and write thesis statement beowulf, collect for services and products (including to collection agencies in order to obtain payment for our products and services); to protect our rights or interests, or property or safety or that of others; in connection with claims, disputes, or litigation – in writing a persuasive prezi court or elsewhere; to facilitate or verify the statement beowulf appropriate calculation of taxes, fees, or other obligations; or. in an emergency situation.

We may provide information that does not identify You personally to third-parties for marketing, advertising or other purposes. HOW WE STORE AND PROTECT THE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. Protecting Your Information. We use a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure while it is writing a persuasive, under our control. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. As a result, although we will utilize such measures, we do not guarantee You against write thesis beowulf, the loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information under our control, and You provide Personal Information to us at Your own risk. Questions. You should always take care with how You handle and write thesis statement beowulf, disclose your Personal Information and should avoid sending Personal Information through insecure e-mail, social networks or other internet channels. Retention and Disposal. We retain information only for as long as we have a business or tax need or as applicable laws, regulations and/or government orders allow. When we dispose of Personal Information, we use reasonable procedures designed to erase or render it unreadable (for example, shredding documents and wiping electronic media). PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES.

How We Communicate Changes to This Policy. We may update this Policy at any time to a persuasive provide updates to or clarification of our practices. If we make changes we may provide You with additional notice (such as adding a statement to the homepage of write beowulf our Website or sending You a notification). You should refer to for british literature this Policy often for the latest information and the effective date of write beowulf any changes. This web site is owned and operated by Viatta Business Ltd . A Partner is an individual who refers customers. Study Question. A Referral is an write statement beowulf individual who requests a service via the referral link given by a Partner.

With the essay for british first order, a Referral acquires a 15% discount on the order, while a Partner receives $50 to the Referral Balance. With further purchases, a Partner earns 5% of the Referral’s total order price. All money earned with the write thesis statement Referral Program is stored on your Referral Balance. A Partner can transfer the money to the Bonus Balance and use it to purchase a service. It is possible to transfer the study research question example sum to write beowulf the Partner’s PayPal account (no less than $20).